Xiangyang street luosidun community joint Jiujiang city fire rescue detachment to send awards to the post

2022-06-24 0 By

Jiujiang News (Fang Qi-qi Liu Kang) On January 3, 2022, an emergency occurred in luosiudun community district, Xiangyang Street, Jingkai District, Jiujiang City. A citizen riding an electric car with a child was driving on the road when the electric car suddenly began to smoke and caught fire.Unprepared is, in just a few seconds, the electric vehicle fire intensified.Nearby Hua you decoration company employees Shen Zhi Guo, Zhai Zhongyong found, immediately from the company to take out the fire extinguisher on the burning of the electric car jet, until the extinguishment.The whole process took just 100 seconds.The two heroes came forward at the critical moment and received unanimous praise from the citizens after their heroic act of putting out the fire without fear was spread.On February 25th, jiujiang city jingkai District Luosiidun Community New Era civilization Practice station, jiujiang city fire rescue detachment, Jiujiang Saideli Group Co., Ltd. awarded the jiujiang City “Saideli firefighting Hero award” to hua you Decoration company employees Shen Zhiguo, Zhai Zhongyong and sent the award to the post.Attending the award ceremony were: Jiujiang fire rescue detachment leader Zhang Shengguo, deputy detachment leader Wang Jianping, jingkai District Management Committee deputy director Mei Yong, Xiangyang Street director Liu Cheng, Luosiidun community director He Xiaojuan and Sideri Company general manager Hu Zuoyan.Through this activity, residents are called to learn from heroes around them, establish social integrity, and promote positive energy around them.At the same time also called on the majority of residents to strengthen their own safety awareness, master the basic knowledge of fire prevention and fire self-help, to jointly maintain a safe, beautiful and happy community escort.