Meishan pengshan: Nesting attracts phoenix to open and promote development

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Historic breakthroughs have been made in major industrial projects worth 10 billion yuan, the largest single investment foreign direct investment project has been introduced in the province, the initial results of cooperative investment promotion have been shown, and the “100-day breakthrough” has been reported frequently.Meishan city prevailed in area closely around the new energy and new materials and high-end equipment manufacturing industries, the implementation of accurate attract, professional attract, has introduced the ground a batch of leading enterprises and major projects, to help prevailed in accelerating into a high and new technology industry area, eyebrow construction advanced manufacturing new heights, open development area in injected powerful momentum.Industries are a powerful engine for economic development.Pengshan District always regards investment attraction as the “No. 1 project”, closely follows the “double carbon” strategic goal, grabs the favorable opportunity of “energy revolution”, makes in-depth and accurate research and judgment, and determines the key attracting direction of new energy industry as lithium battery material industry.At the beginning of this year, Shanshan Technology Meishan 200,000-ton lithium battery anode material Integration Base project under Shanshan Stock co., LTD., the leading domestic anode material, started in Pengshan Economic development Zone, Sichuan province.In the same park, a large number of domestic and foreign leading lithium enterprises such as American Yabo, China Chuangxin Aviation and Tianci Materials will soon start their investment projects.”The park has initially formed a lithium battery material industrial cluster dominated by Shanshan Technology and American Yabao, and a wet electronic material industrial cluster dominated by Korea Dongjin and Suzhou Jingrui, establishing a new high-quality development pattern of ‘lithium electric material + wet electronic material’.”Sichuan Pengshan Economic Development Zone management committee related person in charge said.The successful landing of Shanshan Project is an epitome of pengshan District’s high-end entry and strong recruitment, marking the historic breakthrough of Pengshan’s major industrial projects of ten billion yuan, and also means that Pengshan has finally changed the industrial status quo of lack of leading and supporting industrial projects.The highlights are remarkable.Among them, the American Yabo project signed in October 2021 is the largest single foreign direct investment project in the province from 2021 to now.The relevant person in charge of the bureau of Economic Cooperation and Foreign Affairs believes that the continuous refresh of major industrial projects has strongly promoted the intensive cluster development of the manufacturing industry in the whole region, which has also put forward new requirements for the extension of the strong chain.Therefore, Pengshan District in-depth study of lithium battery industry chain, closely watch ningde Times, BYD, Zhongchuang Xinhang and other lithium battery leading enterprises, plan to strengthen lithium battery and upstream supporting industries, to introduce lithium battery anode materials, electrolyte and other mid-stream enterprises, to achieve the concentration of advantages of lithium battery core material industry.The purpose of going global is to bring in more people.On January 26, 2021, prevailed in district party committee and government issued “meishan city prevailed in area economic incentives for cooperation projects to introduce (try out)”, prevailed in area based on leading industry, actively carry out “national investment promotion” action, a total of hundred, get project information and contributed to the shanshan lithium battery cathode materials and other major a batch of high quality industrial projects.In October of the same year, a total of 850,000 yuan was awarded for referral.In the “100-day action” to attract investment in the manufacturing industry, the “no. 1” personally promoted the investment, and the district Party committee and the district government led the team to promote investment, promote the investment environment of Pengshan, and capture effective investment information.It is precisely because of solidarity, coordination, joint efforts to build a high-level promotion, departmental linkage pattern, formed a strong investment attraction.In Pengshan district, the sincere intention of open cooperation is evident everywhere.In 2022, Pengshan Investment attraction group will adhere to the principle of attracting the strong and the strong and the excellent, and strive to introduce a lithium battery assembly project and a new energy vehicle manufacturing project. It is committed to building the whole industry chain base of lithium battery in Chengdu metropolitan area and even in Chengdu-Chongqing area, and inject strong power into Pengshan to realize meishan manufacturing strong city.(Wang Yunhao Sichuan Economic network reporter Chang Jian) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: