Wang Zongling: We will explore and innovate land use mechanisms to promote high-quality development

2022-06-23 0 By

Linyi city people’s Congress representative, Linyi city modern credit investment holding Group chairman Wang Zongling public network · poster news reporter Lin Peng Linyi reported that “the government work report in the ‘dry goods’ a lot, after listening to very exciting.”February 24, Linyi city people’s Congress deputy, Linyi modern credit investment holding Group chairman Wang Zongling in an interview with Volkswagen network · poster news reporters said.He suggested that new ways should be further explored in terms of land use mechanism to help linyi’s high-quality economic development.Wang Zongling on behalf of linyi city, on June 1, 2020, the implementation of the “interim measures for the management of new industrial land”, has played a good role in promoting the development of industry, industrial projects in Linyi in the past two years showed a rapid development trend.In view of the “method” is about to expire at the end of May this year, it is suggested that the city further refine the implementation method, optimize part of the implementation rules, better power linyi industry development.At the same time, Wang Zongling suggested that the industrial land should be subdivided into M1 land and M0 land according to the industrial category, and the planning conditions and access threshold should be treated differently.M1 mainly focuses on the land for production and manufacturing projects. In terms of land planning conditions, the characteristics of production and manufacturing industries are taken into account, and enterprises are encouraged and supported to transform from traditional industries to new industries in terms of policies.M0 focuses on science and technology, RESEARCH and development and platform enterprises to vigorously develop the headquarters economy, and the land planning conditions can take into account the characteristics of such enterprises.In addition, existing stock industrial land is encouraged to be transformed into new industrial land on the spot in accordance with urban planning and industrial policies.Firstly, a large amount of idle industrial land can be revitalized or renewed to enhance the regional industrial level.In addition, urban renewal can be carried out simultaneously to improve the level of urban appearance.