Thumb up!Eight trips to and from the fire and 14 trapped residents were safely evacuated.

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On February 12, nanchang new area near a residential building fires is relative for active servicemen hu will Tiao and others stood up six into the fire rescue finally to put out the fire before the fire crews arrived can bring about the local government to hu Tiao flowers or solatium afterwards, BeiJiuZhe can thank hu Tiao, but he declined.The local government sent flowers and condolence money.In addition, he was awarded 10,000 yuan for positive energy.Hu nengkuang said it is willing to donate all the prize money to people in more difficulty and need.Six into six out of the fire on February 12, nanchang xinjian district continuous heavy rain.Tao Shulan, a resident of an old residential building on Huanhu Road, Libu Lake in xinjian district, baked her clothes on the radiator in the living room.”I was a little sleepy from days of hard work, so I went into my bedroom to sleep and left the heater on.”Tao shulan recalled.Before long, the clothes on the heater caught fire, and smoke billowed from the living room.Seeing this, other residents in the building rushed downstairs, Shouting “fire”.At this time, 24-year-old hu Neng Was visiting his cousin’s home.Hearing someone Shouting “fire”, he instinctively rushed out of his cousin’s home, ran to Tao Shulan’s door to knock hard.”There was no answer and AS the smoke got bigger and bigger, I pried open the door with the fire equipment in the corridor.””Hu Nengeng said.”Is there anyone, is there anyone?Hu Nengi shouted into the room, frightened Tao Shulan immediately responded.At the risk of suffocation, Hu Neng came to the bedroom, helping Tao Shulan quickly left the fire.At the same time, Hu Nenghe’s uncle, cousin and brother-in-law rushed into the fire to see if there were anyone else.Unexpectedly, Hu Neng, who had left safely, rushed into the fire.This time, he groped his way into the kitchen to check for liquefied gas tanks.”Due to the poor visibility of the fire site, it was not possible to see all of it.”‘It would have been very dangerous if the tanks had exploded,’ Mr. Hu said, so he went into the fire for a third time to check if there were any tanks and to see if there were anyone else waiting to be rescued.After confirmation, Hu, who has received fire protection training, organized relatives to put out the fire and evacuate the building residents separately.”Among the four of us, some took fire extinguishers to put out the fire, and some went to the next-door neighbor’s house to get water to put out the fire.”During that time, Hu Neng walked in and out of the fire three more times to put out the fire, his cousin Wan Wenjie recalled.Eventually, the crowd managed to extinguish the blaze before fire and rescue personnel arrived.Tao Shulan, who has won many awards for meritorious deeds, said she had planned to visit Hu neng eng the next day to express her gratitude, but was moved by his repeated refusal, saying it was the duty of soldiers to save lives.After much reflection, Tao shulan decided to write a thank-you letter to Hu Nengi’s unit to express her gratitude.In fact, hu nenghe has not dared to tell his family that he ran into the fire to save the lives of his parents.”The fire was relentless, the children had not slept well all night and there were black things coming out when they coughed.”Hu Nengi’s mother introduced.Zhang Xuejun is the instructor of Hu Nengi’s unit.In his eyes, Hu Nengi worked very hard and had a strong sense of responsibility. “I didn’t feel surprised when he told me about rushing into the fire to save people, because I knew that as long as he was present, he would rush in without hesitation.”According to reports, Hu Nengi has won many awards and rendered meritorious service in the army, and now has grown into a monitor.”Meet the fire at the first time rushed to the scene to put out the fire, rescue the masses, this is a soldier’s instinctive reaction, but also a bounden duty.”Hu said.The story of Hu Neng’s six in and six out of the fire was posted on the Internet and quickly attracted the attention of all sectors of society.”Thumbs up for soldier Brother!””‘ Bing Brother ‘is wonderful,” “Worthy of being the people’s army”…Comments flooded in from netizens.On February 14, Li Xiping, member of the Standing Committee of xinjian District Committee and Minister of Human Resources and Armed Forces department of Nanchang, visited Hu Nengi in Xinjian Village, Xiangshan Town of Xinjian District and presented him with flowers and 2,000 yuan of condolence money.On the same day, Hu won the Alibaba Daily Positive Energy Special Award and 10,000 yuan bonus.”It’s incumbent on us to step up when people need us.If we don’t, and no one else does, the loss will be greater.”Hu nengkuang said it is willing to donate all the prize money to people in more difficulty and need.On February 15, Hu Nengi’s comrade-in-arms from Shantou, Guangdong province came to Hu Nengi’s hometown, Xinjian Village, Xiangshan Town, Xinjian District, Nanchang City.In the chat between Hu Neng and his comrades, the reporter learned that in the evening of February 12, hu Neng inhaled a large amount of smoke in order to save people and put out the fire, and some physical discomfort appeared that night.But Hu nengi kept it a secret from everyone. He just went to the town health center for a brief look and prescribed some medicine.Under the persuasion of reporters and comrade-in-arms, Xiao Hu went to the hospital to check his body.At 10 am on February 16th, Hu Neng, accompanied by reporters and his comrades, came to the respiratory department of Xinjian District People’s Hospital in Nanchang city for a physical examination.Hu nengi said that after the fire was put out on The night of December 12, he developed symptoms of chest tightness, shortness of breath and dizziness.For the next few days, chest tightness was always there.”The first four times I went into a fire, I didn’t have any protective measures,” said Hu Nengeng, a soldier who put out the fire and saved people. “I felt I was dying, so I asked my neighbor to give me a mask.After a lung CT and blood routine examination, doctors found that Hu nengkuang’s lungs were infected by smoke inhalation.Qiu Haiyan, director of respiratory Medicine department, Xinjian District People’s Hospital, Nanchang: Mainly his lower left lung. Maybe he inhaled a lot of smoke, which caused the lung infection, but because of the past few days, it was a chronic infectious focus.Hu is currently receiving medical treatment.Doctors say that when entering a smoky environment or fighting a fire, you must wear a professional protective mask and take protective measures.During the interview, the reporter learned that Hu Neng went into the fire six times, the first into the rescue, the second into to confirm whether there is anyone, the third into to find liquefied gas tanks, the last three times into the fire are to put out the fire.In the doctor’s examination, the reporter learned that Hu Can walk in the fourth time into the fire, in fact, there has been physical overdraft.Life is precious!We save others at the same time, but also to protect themselves!I hope that the “soldier brother” Hu Can at an early date to restore “vigorous”!Fire safety is related to thousands of families to pay tribute to each fire in the “soldier” accidentally as a rebel fire rescue personnel always rushed to the front line a few days ago, in Jiangxi Shangrao Yiyang county a residential building fire late at night 14 people trapped inside the building ↓

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Video from the scene showed that the fire was caused by an electric scooter parked in the stairway on the first floor, which was the only way for residents to get downstairs to escape.Many residents were asleep when they were woken up and could not escape downstairs. When the fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene, there was a blaze in the corridor and a large amount of smoke had spread from the stairs to the top floor. The fire rescue personnel shouted at the outside to calm everyone’s emotions and advised them not to escape blindly.While waiting for the rescue and fire rescue personnel to quickly put out the fire and organize forces to exhaust smoke in the corridor,Into the building from door step by step a search and rescue after nearly half an hour of emergency rescue fire rescue personnel 8 trip back and forth all the 14 people trapped inside the building security transfer out of the fire suspected electric vehicle charging cause concrete in further investigation a total of 3 electric vehicles have been burned in the fire electric fire fierce in tiger don’t into the building as parking, charging!The following knowledge should be kept in mind 1. It is strictly prohibited to park the electric car in the stairway and stairway, and the battery can not be brought home to charge.2. Do not modify the electric car without permission, and do not allocate batteries and chargers randomly.3. Do not pull the “flying wire” from the corridor or upstairs to charge the electric car.4. Charging time should not exceed 8 hours, let alone overnight charging.Forwarding · remind hope everyone is safe!