“Study party history do practical work open new Bureau” Yuanping Municipal Party Committee secretary Ma Zhiqiang: “three strengthen” to do “Yuanping article”

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Recently, the original party secretary zhi-qiang ma “how to understand the masses’ distress sorrow to question, to ensure the good running well, be practical and do” “how to establish long-term effective mechanism, impels the party history study education into their daily” “how to implement the provincial party spirit, promoting the development of high quality” topics such as accepted the People’s Daily online interview.In an interview, Secretary Ma Zhiqiang said that we should create a business environment in which “three things do not have three things to do”, and implement the problem introduction method, military order accounting method, scheduling analysis method, special team promotion method, and closed-loop working method.For Shanxi Province all-round promotion of high-quality development, strive to write a comprehensive construction of socialist modernization of Shanxi chapter to make original contributions.Ma Zhiqiang went into the project site to solve the problems of the enterprise.People.com.cn: How did Yuanping respond to the concerns of the masses and what problems did it focus on during the practice of “I do practical things for the masses” in party history education?Ma Zhiqiang: The practice of “DOING practical things for the people” is not only an important part of party history study and education, but also a vivid practice of implementing the thought of people-centered development.Have to do good things, practical things, this is to test the party’s history of learning education effect of the “touchstone”.Municipal committee of the standing Committee of the “I do practical things for the masses” list of 33 key projects, the city’s four leading groups and 120 participating units list a total of 275 key projects, 78 has been completed.– Deepening the “Municipal Party Committee to inquire about politics” and soliciting matters publicly.In recent years, we have taken the “Municipal Party Committee asking about government affairs” as an important way to respond to social concerns and face up to existing problems. We have collected public expectations on the governance of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government and their efforts to solve people’s problems through various means, such as the Internet, mailboxes, hotlines, visits and discussions.Adhere to the all-weather, zero-distance, multi-channel, the first time, to collect 280 suggestions, opinions and questions to register accounts, study item by item.– Going to the grassroots and carrying out extensive research.Around the “three focuses” frontline execution of work, adhere to the situation in the master, problems found in a line, the practice ability in a line in a line, image, set in a line, team member contact at the grass-roots level and earnestly implement the priority system, requirements, four group members every year at the contact site office coordination scheduling, grass-roots level research,Write research reports on the tasks assigned or contracted.Problems found in in-depth research will be included in the list of key practical projects.– Focusing on the “five major areas of endeavor” to solve prominent problems.In the implementation of the new development concept, we have deployed and carried out the “carbon peak” original level action, and actively promoted the construction of pilot counties for the development of rooftop distributed photovoltaic in the whole county.Deeply excavates the resources of “three miles, six ancient and nine villages”, vigorously implements the “scenic area multiplication plan”, launches the low-altitude flying tourism project of Yuanping City, tianya Mountain is listed in 4A scenic spot, Dlongmen is listed in 3A scenic spot, Aimuto scenic spot planning has passed 3A review, and the creation of the all-region tourism demonstration area has passed provincial acceptance.To consolidate and expand the achievements in poverty alleviation, we will relocate entire villages and build high-standard Kangxin poverty alleviation nursing homes for the elderly.Precise monitoring of 450 households in the category of “three groups,” and full follow-up support for 3,576 households relocated from inhospitable areas.We vigorously implemented the strategy of “special” and “excellent”, covering an area of 96,000 mu for the cultivation of crispy pears, 59 modern large-scale breeding farms such as pasture and elephant, 1,693 farmer cooperatives, 100 large-scale family farms, and 155 agricultural products of “three products and one standard”.The “4433” working mechanism was implemented to select beisanquan Village, Gongjiazhuang Village, Xinguoxia village and other benchmark villages, and yuanping will be the site of the provincial rectification of the “six chaos”.We will carry out the project of “Everyone holds a certificate and becomes a skilled society”, training 12,700 people and obtaining a certificate for 30,000 people.We will actively apply for and strive for the pilot and demonstration projects of the National Rural Revitalization Administration, and create an original model of rural revitalization with high standards.In terms of ensuring basic livelihood, we have actively responded to the people’s urgent demand for high-quality education resources, established the “Fanting Foundation”, completed the “de-administration” reform of 27 primary and secondary schools, introduced high-end management teams to Fanting Middle School, and achieved the provincial standards for primary and secondary school buildings.Medical groups have implemented the “six unified” management, and the “double contract” coverage of health poverty alleviation.The project to renovate rundown areas and relocate and resettle coal mining subsidence areas benefited 15,000 households and nearly 40,000 people.On the basis of consolidating the national health city, it has successfully established the provincial garden city and provincial civilized city.Yuanping city held a promotion meeting of the 100-day special action for the remediation of rural living environment “six chaos”.In terms of deepening the reform of government services for the convenience and benefit of the people, the government has actively promoted the reform of “standard site + commitment system + agency” in development zones. The Tongde Chemical Project only took 12 days to start construction, setting a new “original speed”.We will carry out the “five facts” rectification, start with the formal establishment, rectify the “five No” problem, and strive to build an iron army of responsibility.To further improve the “100 emergency platform for private enterprises”, comprehensively implement the “one-window operation and one-internet access”, organize the implementation of “one-window operation” in the fields of real estate registration, construction permits, water and electricity application and installation.We will speed up the development of service centers for the convenience of rural residents, and turn the warmth of rural services into the warmth of the business environment.In promoting community-level governance, the rule of law has been further promoted, and the campaign to eradicate organized crime and evil and the creation of “three Zero” units have gained popular support.Yuanping was rated as “provincial model city of double support” “provincial earthquake protection and disaster reduction demonstration county” “Xinzhou city political and legal comprehensive governance work advanced county” and so on.Activities such as “three strong, three promotion and one creation” in government organs, “red seed” theme education in schools, and “joint construction” between two new organizations and communities were carried out. Six Party organizations in the business area were established.With an investment of more than 2 million yuan, we will take the lead in building a three-level linkage broadcasting system for the city and the countryside, opening up the “last mile” of publicity, service and contact with the masses.Yuanping was identified by the Organization Department of the Central Committee as the “demonstration site of urban grassroots Party construction”.In the next step, we should combine the promotion of the unfinished practical projects, continue to implement, make deeper and more detailed, further explore and implement a number of long-term, universal measures to benefit the people.People’s Daily online: The study and education of Party history is an important long-term work of the whole Party. How does Yuanping city establish a long-term and effective mechanism to promote the study and education of Party history into daily life?Ma Zhiqiang: It is a fine tradition of our Party to be good at drawing wisdom and strength from historical experience to forge ahead.To explore the establishment of a long-term mechanism of party history study and education for party members and cadres, I have the following four points of thinking: improve the curriculum system and provide universalized training for party history study and education.Keep pace with The Times, absorb innovative achievements of theoretical research, build a systematic, developmental and open curriculum system of Party history education, include compulsory courses for training Party members and cadres at all levels, and select teaching contents with levels, focuses and logic according to different objects, levels and needs of training.It provides essential support for the establishment of a standardized, standardized, systematic and long-term learning mechanism.Coordinate red resources to build a systematic base for party history study and education.The rich, thick and vivid red resources should be scientifically classified and comprehensively utilized according to different historical periods, and the red cultural travel routes should be integrated to construct the pedigree of red resources, providing carrier support for the party history education with infectious, penetrating and vitality.Solidify successful experience, construct “I do practical things for the masses” practice activity explicit mode.Adhere to have hope I have for the people, by the people, and people should have called me, ask me something, with a good “solicitation – comb – for – feedback” mechanism, give play to the role of grass-roots party organizations fighting forts, party member’s cutting edge exemplary role and the party member the leading cadre leadership, a good hard with love attentively practice topic “I does the practical work for the masses”, as party history study education normalized provide value orientation.We will improve the mechanism for the transformation of achievements in party history study and education based on the actual situation.Party history study and education should be regarded as the process of strengthening party spirit exercise and improving party spirit cultivation, and the results of party history study and education should be transformed into excellent political ability, pragmatic work style and vivid development practice.Always adhere to the goal oriented, problem-oriented, results-oriented, the mind used in the all-round promotion of high-quality development, in the work to promote the implementation of practical measures, with practical policies, see actual results, for the party’s history of learning and education to become a regular savings to forge ahead.People’s Daily online: At present, the whole province is rapidly unifying its thoughts and actions to the spirit of the 12th Party Congress of Shanxi Province, and getting up and doing, and working hard.How does Yuanping implement the spirit of the party Congress and promote high-quality development?Ma Zhiqiang: The 12th CPC Congress of Shanxi Province closely focused on “all-round promotion of high-quality development”, and clearly proposed the task requirements of “one group, two districts and three circles”, which fully reflected shanxi’s consciousness of keeping in mind the instructions of leaders, pointed out the path of “five transformation” in Shanxi, and demonstrated the strong responsibility of Shanxi.We will fully implement the guiding principles of the Party Congress and do a good job in promoting high-quality development in all respects. We need to strengthen our awareness of opportunities and blaze new trails.It is necessary to focus on the strategic planning of the construction of tai-Xin Integrated economic zone proposed by the Provincial Party Committee, give full play to the advantages of transportation, location, industry and development environment, conform to the development trend of “south integration, east integration, west introduction and North linkage”, actively invest in the construction of “North engine”, and build a new pattern of comprehensive opening up in the “group” and “zone”.Xindingyuan group should focus on the development of semiconductor new materials, equipment manufacturing, to create the province’s advanced manufacturing cluster.In the development of culture, tourism and health care industry, it deeply excavates the original “three miles, five colors, six ancient, nine townships” culture and tourism resources, and builds The Daying Spa health care Industrial Park to create a world-class tourism and health care destination.Yuanping provincial rural revitalization pilot demonstration county brand, to promote the construction of common prosperity pilot area.Strengthen the sense of importance, highlighting the original level of responsibility.Yuanping has long been known as “all Jin hub, economic heavy fan,” said, as the province’s comprehensive transformation and expansion of power county “double pilot”, Xinzhou city agglomeration development area, to yong when the industrial transformation of the forerunner, economic development pacessetter, and strive to walk in the forefront in Xinzhou city and the province.Should fully realize the comprehensive major premise to promote the development of high quality, logic, the background, sticking to implement the strategy of “four beams eight columns” industry promotion as the main direction, to further strengthen and taiyuan, xinzhou and the surrounding counties the coordinated development of the depth of the fusion, cohesion building yuanping “a nuclear, four garden, WuDai” new pattern of diversified economy, namely to the original economic and technological development zone as the core,To build a state-level economic development zone;Focus on building a new type of comprehensive service industrial park in the main urban area dominated by the integration of industry and city, xinyuan Avenue future Industrial Park focused on high-tech projects, daying hot spring as the center of the health industrial park, tongchuan pears and vegetable facilities as the main agricultural industrial park;The central part insists on improving quality and transforming to build a modern trade and logistics integration zone, the eastern part insists on building a high-quality ppear industry promotion zone with brand characteristics, the western part insists on green development to build a new energy development zone, and the northern part insists on large-scale development to build an emerging industry agglomeration zone, striving to build Yuanping into a pilot demonstration zone of Tai-Xin Integrated economic zone.Strengthen mission awareness and make original contributions.To study and implement the spirit of the 12th provincial Party Congress in a prominent position, a rapid upsurge, around the “six fields”, three systems, the formation of a comprehensive through, depth of coordination of the work matrix, the work target, work task detailed to the specific stage, specific parts, specific links.Continue to bring deep “old-age people, to be honest, does the practical work, grasp the effective implementation,” special action, to carry out the “four insists” requirement, further makes the three can “3 without” the business environment, promote import law, military account, schedule analysis and class propulsion method, the closed loop execution of work, in place of mentality, pragmatic style of work, aggressive passion,For Shanxi Province all-round promotion of high-quality development, strive to write a comprehensive construction of socialist modernization of Shanxi chapter to make original contributions.Source: People’s Net – Shanxi channel Shanxi Pictorial Xinzhou station author/source: Shanxi Pictorial Xinzhou station statement: copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.