Men who are attracted to women are not necessarily handsome, but attractive in these ways

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I found that we usually have a fixed thinking for a lot of things, when your thinking is fixed, it is difficult to switch over, once the idea is solidified, it is difficult to evaluate objectively, and the final conclusion is often biased.This happens even in relationships.For example, we take it for granted that men are attracted to women who are pale and beautiful. They care about appearance, and as long as they are beautiful, nothing else matters.In other words, women’s criteria for choosing a mate is that they all like handsome and rich men, which is what most men have.But in fact, in many cases are our subjective judgment, does not represent the truth.Men always think women are materialistic, but they never really know what women think.Really has a lot of appearance of real life, choose the other half is the most value of face, other all ignore, also there are some women will be very material, and men together, is took a fancy to his money, but only by the individual phenomenon biased, was too arbitrary, may therefore also miss a person who take you seriously.It is true that the first impression of a person is often determined by his appearance, but whether we can have a deep relationship depends on the personality charm of the person, relying on the personality charm to attract others, is the real long-term.In fact, looking at the life of those heterosexual good men, they may not be handsome, but it is easy to attract girls.There is such an example in my life. One of my classmates of the opposite sex was attracted to him by many girls when he was in school. He was really not handsome, but he had a kind of magic that people could not help wanting to get close to him.When we look closely, we see that men who are attracted to women often have these traits.It is very prominent in the professional field. It is said that “men who work seriously are the most handsome”. When a man focuses all his attention on one thing and works seriously, it is self-evident that he has a charm.Men’s charm has never been reflected in rhetoric, there are some men they like to talk, like in the crowd to show off their own, often is embroidered pillow general, lack of connotation, may attract some people’s eyes at the beginning, but as long as the in-depth understanding will find that they are empty.Compared with a good-looking appearance, a man who can focus on his career, improve his professional quality, and work hard in a certain field is the most attractive.Because they have a clear plan for their own life has a very clear goal, will not muddle along, will not just stick to the surface of the relaxed, will not just waste energy on their own external, an aspirant man, no matter when, are shining existence.A woman may care about a man’s appearance at first, but after a long time together, she will be attracted by his career. Only this kind of attraction will last the longest.A lot of girls will like the uncle who has a successful career, a man’s achievements in his career will make up for the lack of appearance, a man who has made achievements in his career and has outstanding achievements in his professional field, such a man is the easiest to get women’s favor.Treat life positive and optimistic, very has the sense of responsibility, very manly girl will be like the optimistic man, they are like a natural optimist, always maintained a steady stream of vitality, treat life optimistic positive, as if no matter how much difficulty, can’t get them down, no matter how much of a problem, in the eyes of others may be in vain,But they play it down.Generally speaking, a woman’s mind is sensitive and fragile, and it is easy to think about things in a negative way. At this time, she really needs someone who can take her out of the dark, instead of falling into the abyss with her.Women don’t like a man who is worried about something. They want a man to be like a mountain to rely on, not to explain everything by himself.I am optimistic and positive in personality, and can be relied on when it is critical. I have a strong sense of responsibility and responsibility. I don’t care about small things and don’t escape from big things, and I won’t let women worry about me and can solve many problems by myself.Women like the kind of man full of masculinity, can give yourself a sense of stability, let oneself feel a firm snuggle, such a big man is the real desire of women.Can let oneself worship, take oneself to grow up with the man once had a very popular word, the woman really needs to find a, pattern is bigger than you, ability is stronger than you, vision is longer than you, teach you the worldly wisdom, take you to grow up together with the person, not everything lets you take charge of one side alone, encounter a problem will only blame you.Women all like the man who is far-sighted, knowledgeable and experienced, and can take himself to see the world. Even if he may not reach this height temporarily, at least he has been working hard, has been maintaining an upward tension, and keeps going up.”The world” inside the original Zhou Rong regardless of regardless of far away from home to the mountain to find true love, is because of her worship of Feng Into that, gave her so big power to pursue.Women love with a little worship, they like the kind of man who let themselves look up to, in the process of looking up to him, but also let themselves slowly become excellent, slowly become good.They need someone who will grow with them, not someone who is short-sighted and content with the status quo.Women will come to you because they adore you, and they will stay away because they no longer adore you.Do not imagine women too superficial, can have long-term attraction to them of the man must not only a pair of appearance, but their own unique personality charm, can let their worship, can not help but want to close to.To attract others with appearance is only temporary, only with their own charm can achieve the purpose of long-term attraction.Those heterosexual good men, they are often not handsome, but is able to attract the attention of women, as long as you get close to them, they will find that they must have a unique attraction, so that you can not move your eyes.If you want to enhance your charm, you should focus on the above three aspects.