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“In the Field of Hope — 2022 Anhui Farmers Spring Festival Gala” will be premiered tonight (February 5, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year) at 21:30 on Anhui TV, On February 6 (The sixth day of the Chinese New Year) at 19:00 agricultural science and education channel, stay tuned!A master of the Spring Festival is the festival for Chinese people, the rich traditional culture and ritual express highlight here, and the “Spring Festival gala and chat gala” is to the Spring Festival, is the indispensable ceremony feeling, more than 30 years and gives everyone a powerful presence stress, just like join a collective ceremony of the old winter jasmine.During the Spring Festival of 2022, another theme Spring Festival Gala, endowed with hope and expectation, will be held by the Anhui Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Anhui Radio and Television Station, and the Agricultural and Rural All-media Operation Center of Anhui Radio and Television station.Agricultural bank of China branches in anhui province exclusive named “farmers – 2022 in anhui province, in the field in the hope that the Spring Festival gala” (hereinafter referred to as the “anhui farmers gala”), with “tiger leap jianghuai new journey Rural revitalization of the new picture “as the theme, fully displaying the latest achievements in the construction of new countryside in anhui, and the entire province farmers delight to struggle for a better life.Original “New Year’s Eve dinner”, singing sizhou Xi, Luju Opera, Anhui Flower Drum Opera, Yuexi Gaoqiang opera, Huangmei Opera, Hua-Gu-deng, Lion dance, Hutou Baby, Wu-wei Fish lantern…On the stage of “Anhui Farmers Spring Festival Gala”, relying on the ingenious combination of traditional culture and modern elements, local opera, dance, folk songs, folk customs, intangible cultural heritage and other diversified forms of expression, the theme of “who does not say my hometown is good”, “villagers in the countryside”, “beautiful countryside”, “new era” and so on into the program.The original “New Year’s Eve dinner” with “authentic anhui sound” was presented to the audience, and a prosperous and beautiful anhui new rural landscape map jumped on the screen.The gala was full of creative programming. At the beginning, the hosts from 16 cities brought the high-quality agricultural and sidelar products of their hometown to the stage of the Farmers’ Spring Festival Gala, such as Fuyang Huamo, Dangtu Crab, Dangshan Pear, Huoshan Huangda Tea, Huangshan Maofeng…Each piece of agricultural product is a well-known anhui specialty, presenting the “geographical indication products” that anhui farmers are proud of for the audience.Sizhou Xi “Picking up cotton”, Lu Opera “Look phase tone”, Anhui Flower drum opera “Sweep flower Hall”, Yuexi gaoqiang “Samsung Blessing”, Huangmei Opera “Both husband and wife return home”……Anhui is a big province of opera, outstanding opera performers from the province bring the audience wonderful and strong local characteristics of opera performance, or elegant, or loud, or graceful, in the most down-to-earth way to present a thick hometown “taste”.When busy flower drum knocked up, singing the songs and dyeing of high, jump graceful and restrained beauty of the chaohu lake beauty, whether it’s playing on costume, milk milk gas children’s drama actor, or mentally alert, silver-haired old singer, can show a local opera in anhui is unique, with a natural style and features of feeling as close to jianghuai earth.In “anhui farmers gala” stage, innovation in the “suona + singing and dancing together,” the arrangement of the cabaret sing old field head again, suona and medley way, the characters of water and soil of the unique “field” parenting, and perfectly comfortable, will also face upwards toward the loess back of wanbei cultivates farmers image vividly in front of the audience.The dance show Beauty of Chaohu brings the beautiful scenery of Chaohu Lake to the stage of Anhui Farmers’ Spring Festival Gala through graceful dancing. The latest achievements of the construction of beautiful countryside are transformed into beautiful images of dancers on the shore of Chaohu Lake.In 2021, anhui’s total grain output reached the highest level in history, realizing the great achievement of “the 18th consecutive harvest”.Singer Yunfei brought the song “Father’s grassland mother’s River” and the chorus “in the Field of Hope”, sing the anhui farmers to the motherland the most sincere love, but also sing the new chapter of Anhui agricultural development.At the party, agricultural science and technology personnel at the grass-roots level and the first secretaries of villages in rural areas, who have helped rural revitalization, told the touching stories of their work with farmers from poverty alleviation to rural revitalization, and vowed that “the road to rural revitalization has only a starting point, but no end”.Famous singers Chen Sisi and Liu Yuanyuan sang “Beautiful New Era” and “Walking on the Road of Happiness” with deep feelings, conveying anhui farmers’ vision of their motherland and a happy future.In anhui farmers gala “country lounge”, the focus of attention has been paid to a group of young people, he give up after they graduated from university to work in big cities, led the villagers to home planting herbs, vegetables, fruits, such as corn, they practice the ideal, in the spirit of work and struggle and the impetus of the development of anhui agricultural powerhouse.In the party, the sketch “Isn’t it money”, which was brought by the host of Anhui Radio and TELEVISION and the performance team of Anhui Agricultural Bank, was based on the real story of farmers’ entrepreneurship, telling the ups and outs of the entrepreneurial leader “Brother Lobster” in the process of entrepreneurship.It is worth mentioning that the Anhui Farmers’ Spring Festival Gala has also become an important display platform of traditional culture with Anhui characteristics.The Peking Opera “The Four Treasures of the Study”, sung by dong Cheng, a famous Peking Opera artist and plum Blossom Award winner of Chinese opera, gives audiences a deep insight into the deep culture and history behind the “Four Treasures of the Study”, known as “the name card of Anhui”.At the same time, hua-gu-deng, lion dance, tiger-head doll, wu-wei fish lantern and other songs, dances and music combinations with anhui regional cultural characteristics and festival elements create a happy atmosphere to celebrate the New Year, and together create a beautiful picture of rural beauty and rich farmers.This participation by farmers, show the overall picture of Anhui “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, dedicated to the province’s farmers and the majority of rural workers in the field of hope – 2022 Anhui Farmers Spring Festival Gala will be tonight (February 5, the fifth lunar New Year) 21:30 on Anhui TV premiere, February 6 (the sixth lunar New Year) 19:00 agricultural science and education channel broadcast, please look forward to!Forward attention