Wuchang Institute of Technology to strengthen the school cultural construction to create a beautiful cultural campus

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The construction of campus culture is an important part of school education. Wuchang Institute of Technology attaches great importance to the construction of campus culture to build a beautiful cultural campus.In 2021, the school publicity department in the campus cultural construction work, the pursuit of excellence, innovation work, produced a “Successful quality exhibition festival 3D film”;Completed two electronic picture albums: Campus Scenic Spot Culture Interpretation and Campus Culture Stone Picture Album;Campus cultural environment beautification work frequently brilliant, distinctive features, bright spots.Organization planning production “success-oriented section shows 3 d video” propaganda division in March of this year received production of successful quality display section 3 d feature films after the mission, in the face of heavy task, difficulty is big, big workload, grasped the nettle and successively five organization experts and relevant personnel to participate in the project meeting, group discussion research 3 d AD copy, and the improvement of the promo video of modification.The text content and scripts were rewritten.Extensively collected materials needed for filming, and led and guided the 3D publicity film production company to shoot campus materials for many times.For the “successful quality exhibition festival 3D film” sample film, has organized several review and modification meetings, lasted more than 4 months, repeatedly modified more than 10 times more than 100, finally successfully completed the production of this 3D film, by leaders at all levels and visitors widely praised.Complete “interpretation of the campus scenic spot electronic album production in order to further strengthen the campus scenic spots culture propaganda, let the teachers and students can always feel the university culture and university spirit of edification and encouraging,” holographic “better” environmental education “in the educational function, since march this year, oil is organized” campus attractions culture interpretation “seminar meeting,After soliciting opinions and suggestions from all colleges, departments and student representatives, on the basis of exerting collective strength and gathering collective wisdom, the “Wuchang Institute of Technology Campus Scenic spot Cultural Interpretation” planning scheme was formed, which carried out a systematic and comprehensive cultural interpretation of the existing campus scenic spots of the school.According to the content of the scheme, we quickly organized shooting, carefully typeset and design. Through rich campus landscape pictures and beautiful text explanation, we designed and produced an exquisite electronic picture album “Campus Scenic Spots Cultural Interpretation”, which showed the campus scenic spots in an all-round and panoramic way.Combined with the overall characteristics of the campus cultural landscape and natural landscape, the school philosophy of “successful quality education”, “three and three” characteristics of running a school “, “The pursuit of excellence, to success” school motto, “tenacious knowledge, advocating innovation” university spirit, “1+3″ talent training mode into the design of electronic picture album.”Campus Scenic Spots Cultural Interpretation” electronic picture album rich in content, exquisite design, innovative display form, teachers and students, alumni and all walks of life of the community wide praise.Complete “Wuchang Institute of Technology campus culture stone picture album” electronic picture album shooting “stone culture” spring breeze rain silent.School wide collection of wisdom of teachers and students, combining Chinese and foreign famous quotations, school “success-oriented education” school concept, “the pursuit of excellence” of the university culture, atsushi knowledgeable, soongsil billiton “new” spirit, the university campus integral space layout, style of adjacent buildings, colleges elements such as professional characteristics, extracting the catchphrase meets the school’s college culture and university spirit, inscribed in 100Stone culture has become an important carrier of the school’s “holographic field” education.The publicity department organized the shooting and production of the “Wuchang Institute of Technology campus culture stone album”, also used the form of electronic album, widely praised.Completed the beautification of campus culture wall repair, stadium bleachers, producing light pole billboard and other projects in order to build a beautiful campus, create a thick campus cultural atmosphere, the school division submitted to repair damaged campus culture wall, making light pole billboard, create “sports theme park”, beautification of the advice of the stadium grandstand, got the affirmation and approval of the school.The restoration of the cultural wall in the Western district of the school and the cultural wall from the Practical Education Center to yingchuan will be completed by the end of October 2021.The restoration, beautification and lighting of the rostrum and stands of the school sports ground will be completed by the end of November.Sixty lampposts designed and made to display outstanding alumni have also been installed in place, which not only shows the achievements of talent cultivation of the school, but also creates a beautiful landscape for the school.