Used car appraiser tuition how many money sign up for an exam

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When we want to sign up for used car appraisers before we need to know where to sign up. Now individuals can not sign up directly. They need to sign up for the test in the vocational identification center through the authorized entrance.Duty free answering questions Appointment official registration number entry pay close attention to the public: the emirates post test valuers have certain professional courses used car, after all, we need to evaluate vehicle which requires a certain professional skills, so each used car appraiser after registration all need to pass through the professional course to take the exam.Examination Time Used car appraiser examination time is quarterly, there will be three opportunities to register for examination in a year, each examination interval of 3 months.Used car appraisers are a hot industry now, and the country is still very strict on the control of used car appraisers, especially when we want to broadcast live in short videos, we need to upload relevant certificates, which is why many people apply for used car appraisers.