There is a fly restaurant in Harbin, 20 yuan sign, go late to eat, there are diners to send a brocade flag

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There are numerous fly restaurants in Harbin, most of which are local traditional home-cooked dishes. Whether they are delicious or not depends on personal eating habits, so there is no need to struggle with fly restaurants or restaurants with exquisite decoration and dishes.I don’t have any particular opinion about either of these restaurants. I just think the food is delicious and the meal is comfortable.01 Fly restaurant in residential building Harbin pingfang area to have a fly restaurant, operating is the local taste of home food.This restaurant is not easy to find, the door is not obvious, opened on the first floor of a residential building, the restaurant dining place is also the renovation of residential houses, several rooms open, there is a large round table private room, sparrows are small and all the five organs.There is also a banner sent by heilongjiang University teachers, maybe it is really because of eating their own food, which says “delicious world”.02 go to the restaurant’s signature dish 20 yuan 1, or a meat dish, and go to the late also can not eat, so experienced diners will generally make a reservation in advance, to the restaurant after you do not have to wait for long can eat, otherwise in the meal point not only wait for the location, the speed of the food is also very slow.As we all know, winter comes early and cold in Harbin, and outdoor dining is almost impossible. However, this restaurant has many tables at the door in early November, and there are many customers.03 Braised fish tail signature dish is braised fish tail, and the name is not quite the same, not just the tail of the fish, in fact, is the end of the carp, but also very big, do not know that it is a whole fish.This dish is basically a must for every table, one is affordable, the other is the taste of rice, fish tail to flower knife, hot oil shape, and then doused with juice, a bit like dry roast fish, crispy outside and tender inside, sour and sweet mouth, taste salty, so must be accompanied by rice.04 pot bag meat pot bag meat 36 yuan, is also a large amount of food, the price is moderate in many fly out in a restaurant, but weight does many, flour batter hung with thick, more old-fashioned, end table sour choke nose that entrance crisp, inside of the meat thick, taste sweet and sour, two people eat.05 a absolutely dry tofu a absolutely dry tofu is also a traditional vegetable in Harbin, although it is a vegetarian dish, taste enough to eat, not worse than meat vegetables, 12 yuan a share of the price of large material benefits, dried tofu is very thin, old soup flavor, eat up and tenacity, with fish tail with rice, a good choice.His home dishes are more popular elbow, three silk beans, bean sprouts fried powder, fried eggplant, slip meat section and so on, the price is very affordable, because the vegetable size is big, basically one meat and two vegetables only 50 or 60 yuan, three people can eat full.