LOL: The plane bomb bag is cut, the attendance rate plummets, can’t play anymore?

2022-06-22 0 By

To ask which is the hero, the attention recently that must count the plane, because the plane this version really is too strong, not only in public games bright eye, often occurs in the professional game a big thousand blood effect, many professional use aircraft, in the late two tricks can be seconds away across the back, this is the plane this version of the strength,But if you think the plane this hero because of his big trick strong, then you are wrong, the plane is really strong strong in his bomb pack, we call Rambo for the small plane, this is because the damage of the plane bomb pack is too terrible, but recently the plane bomb pack was cut, so the plane can’t play now?This matter to everyone to discuss the plane bomb package was cut, but also can play a version of the effect?May be a lot of people don’t know where the plane was cut, mainly is the plane charge from refresh delay before 8 minutes to 10 minutes to refresh now, and every time measures the refresh time interval is changed to 5 minutes, 4 minutes before, looking at the weakened, actually in public games don’t have any effect, especially in low segment, but in the professional game influence is very big,The main is the previous 8 minutes, most of the professional matches are dragon or vanguard, so when the plane has a charge pack is very strong, generally this dragon or vanguard will be successfully defeated.Change but now time to 10 minutes, then it will lead to the plane in the vanguard group or small dragon group without charge, so this time the plane early strength is very low, you may later said the plane of the injury is very high, poke ability is very strong, but before a three-piece aircraft damage is very low, so now a resource plundering, directly affect the earlyThe advance ability of this pioneer and the dragon in the early stage is very strong, so it can largely determine the trend of winning or losing professional matches. Therefore, it is also why only a change in the plane’s explosive pack can greatly reduce his appearance rate.But are planes playable in this version?I can clearly tell you can still play, is still very strong, especially in some low segment, as long as you protect their development in the prophase, three-piece till you get after your injury is very explosive, two big move across the back to hold, and the pioneer in the passers-by and little dragon typically do not fight, so don’t worry.The plane’s charge pack will cause some resource loss in the early stage, so the plane is just a charge pack weakened, and did not weaken its damage, we can still play in the usual game.And then there is the plane of the pack, in the WBG yesterday against LNG, WBG single have chosen plane in and out of the hand crit flow equipment, and the effect of the play is very good, damage is very late explosion, make a lot of want to play the plane, don’t know what to the equipment, then I will also tell you, now version of the plane out of the pack is still Lou, magic is cut,The hero of the plane is too short if it has a crit flow, and the plane also has this defect that it can not walk off the road. The only situation of the crit flow is that your AD output is insufficient, but it is still not recommended.So you want to play the plane is the magic shear flow, hurt very late explosion, and the plane this version is very strong, can say is the version of the answer, may be the only drawback is his early weaker, so if your side are all late hero, so do not recommend you to choose the plane, will be quite small, because the role of the airplaneYou are likely to get hit in the early stages, because aircraft, as a middle player, is very important in the current version with the rhythm, so when the wings are all late heroes, we try to pick some mid and early heroes to keep the situation stable.This is the plane after weaken what can play the analysis of the overall high section may have a certain influence on the game, but low segment you can still take the points, the second is the plane of the pack, as far as possible or pretending to be a method, crit flow, after all, is not the mainstream, but also the role of also is not very big, so don’t suggest that we go to play,This is probably the analysis of the current situation of the aircraft, I do not know how we think about the hero of the aircraft?