“If I had to choose between China and the United States, I would choose the United States!”

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In recent years, China has developed rapidly in various fields, and the United States has begun to worry.Especially as China pay more and more attention to innovation in new and high technology industries, and have achieved good results, make China’s economy has a rapid development, more and more countries in the choice of economic partners, are also considering to don’t cooperate and China, which makes the United States is to regard China as “thorn in the side, the thorn.Began to use a variety of methods to keep China down and put pressure on other countries to choose between China and the US.American observers say that under the pressure of the United States, many countries have been caught in a dilemma: they want to cooperate with China, but they fear the powerful sanctions of the United States; they want to stand on the side of the United States, but they are reluctant to give up China, an excellent economic partner.How to balance the economic relationship between China and the United States has also become the focus of diplomatic work of many countries.Israel, for its part, seems to have made a choice.According to foreign media reports, the Israeli government has sent previously signed economic and trade agreements with China to the United States for review, saying it will reconsider its trade with China if the United States has objections to the agreements.It is already obvious that Israel favors the United States over China.In addition, middle Eastern countries have repeatedly stressed that the US government remains “concerned” about China’s investment in 5G networks and transportation in Israel.It is normal for Israel to choose sides. In fact, most people understand Israel’s choice of the United States.Although the United States has never explicitly asked Israel to maintain its refusal with China, it has consistently put pressure on Israel, expressing its concerns about Chinese investment in Israel in every meeting with Israel.He has repeatedly hinted that he hopes Israel to review its choice of economic partner, and threatened Israel to side with the United States. In order to protect its own interests, Israel can only openly choose the United States.It has to be said that the Israeli government is very smart. Although it has made a choice, it does not intend to completely “break off relations” with China, nor does it join the “anti-China team” of the US government, nor does it follow the US strategy against China.Israel has left itself a little room for future cooperation with China, hinting that future cooperation with China is still possible.China has always been keen to have friendly cooperative relations with other countries. As long as China’s red line is not crossed, China is willing to make progress together with any country that wants to cooperate and create a prosperous economy together.Part of the news source: Huanqiu