Are the preparatory methods of Primary School English and mathematics the same?

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Primary school learning, knowledge is relatively basic, the key is to master certain learning methods, develop certain learning habits, develop certain learning ability.Take primary School English and mathematics as an example, because of the two subjects of learning objectives, learning requirements, learning methods, etc., their preview methods are certainly different.Through the study of this case, how to do a targeted preparation of the two subjects!Xiao Rong’s mother said that the child is in the third grade of primary school this year, starting this semester, the addition of a new subject of English.Xiao Rong usually began to have the habit of previewing before class, but in English previewing r, he did not know what kind of previewing method should be better.I also feel very confused, then English and math preview methods are the same?For your guidance!Thank you for xiaorong mother’s trust.When children enter the middle of primary school, a new subject is added – English.As a special subject, English is very similar to Chinese learning, which focuses on the accumulation and practical application of language.English subjects focus on cultivating children’s image thinking, and long-term memory and accumulation are necessary to increase knowledge.Mathematics is a science subject, focusing on cultivating children’s abstract thinking, and the main way to enhance knowledge is to rely on understanding and practice.English and mathematics are different in learning objectives, learning requirements, learning methods, so their preview methods are different.Of course, there are similarities between them, that is to do understanding, this is a basic requirement that all subjects should do.Parents must be clear about the differences in learning of relevant subjects when their children are in primary and secondary schools, and can not guide their children at will.There are many differences between English and mathematics, and there are also differences in the methods and objectives of previewing before class.So in the children’s pre-class preview, parents in the end how to guide children to do a targeted seriously preview?Preliminary understanding of preview content whether it is English or math, the first step of preview, to first understand the content to learn, to have a general understanding of the whole.Parents should pay attention to the different treatment of children’s preview, can not be confused, such as: in the preview of English, to understand, what words must be remembered?Which words are required to be able to write and read?What oral and sentence patterns need to be understood and recited?What situational dialogue aspects of…When prepping mathematics, want to know → will learn what is the law and formula?How are these laws and formulas derived?How representative are the examples and explanations in the article?What problems can these laws and formulas solve…After a preliminary understanding of the content of each subject to preview, parents can help their children to be seriously familiar with the preview content.If the child is in the lower middle of primary school, parents can pay more attention;On the contrary, when the child is already in the upper reaches of primary school, it is much easier to worry.In the preparation of English, you can: read the single room and text content with the recording, pay attention to the pronunciation standard degree;Practice pronunciation and language sense, find out the gap with the recording, parents can also have guidance;English is also a language subject, time permits the text content can be memorized in mind;When primary school students prepare for English, the key is to read more, remember more, recite more…In the preparation of mathematics, you can: clear laws and formulas of the reasoning process is what, if necessary, parents can also guide;Then, the child can try to re-reason the laws and formulas;Familiar with these laws and formulas can solve what practical problems, you can try to let the child say.Network image detection pre-class preview effect check preview effect is a very necessary part of the preview process, it can be said that no inspection is equivalent to no preview.For example: check the effect of English preview, can → let the child’s own evaluation/self-check in and recording with the specific gap after reading;Let the child try to write, pay attention to the specification of writing, if necessary, parents can give guidance;Finally, let the children use English to dictate how much they learned this time…Check the effect of math preview, can → can be in the child fully grasp examples, try to let the child do some exercises;Check your application skills to see how many practical problems you can solve.Parents should also encourage their children.Let them know how well they understand the preview content…In the process of getting familiar with and testing the effect of English preview, you can: in particular, to remind children, must mark out the words and sentences that can’t read;Find out what you don’t understand and don’t understand, not just words or sentences.Remind your child to focus on listening to the teacher’s pronunciation and explanation in class. If you are not clear, you can ask the teacher again.In view of the problems in the mathematics preview, we can: sketch the inference of the theorem and the solution of the problem that we do not understand;Find the problem, and the teacher with the same frequency, listen carefully in class;If possible, parents can also let children try mind mapping induction, and then consult the teacher to modify and improve…Thank xiaorong mother wisdom letter feedback, hope hongfu teacher’s interpretation of you and everyone can be helpful.At the same time, please continue to pay attention to and support my release of relevant educational content, thank you!Listen to me