355 security units have id codes

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Recently, Mr. Wang, a citizen in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, was pleasantly surprised to find that the cultural relic identification board of Qingchengdun site posted a TWO-DIMENSIONAL code. He “scanned” it with his mobile phone, and the cultural relic actually “spoke” : Qingchengdun site began in the Neolithic Age, is the direct source of Liangzhu Civilization…Now, not only qingchengdun site, Changzhou city 355 municipal and above cultural protection units have “identity code”, citizens only need to scan the phone code, can quickly understand the “past life” of cultural relics.As a famous national historical and cultural city, Changzhou has profound cultural accumulation and rich cultural and tourism resources, and is an important birthplace of Wu culture and Qi-Liang culture.As the carrier of carrying civilization, inheriting culture and maintaining national spirit, cultural relics are an indispensable part of famous historical and cultural cities.In order to better contribute procuratorial power in the protection of famous cities, in June 2020, the public interest litigation team of the Procuratorate of Changzhou Economic And Development Zone carried out special supervision activities on public interest litigation of cultural relics protection, and visited and surveyed cultural protection units in the district.Prosecutors found that the body of the district cultural protection unit and the protection of signs there are different degrees of damage, some stone signs old, cracks obvious, faded handwriting;Some cultural sites are not open to the public for a long time, so the value of cultural relics cannot be fully displayed.Some cultural preservation units and cultural relics sites have not invested enough, lack of special management, and have not delimited or announced the scope of cultural relics protection and construction control zone line.The institute’s public interest litigation team has issued a number of procuratorial suggestions, urging relevant administrative organs and units to study effective measures to protect cultural relics.Ji Chunfeng, a staff member of the cultural relics management department of Changzhou Economic Development Zone, said: “Our district has 5 provincial-level cultural relics protection units, 33 municipal-level cultural relics protection units, and 85 cultural relics sites.After receiving the procuratorial advice, we immediately to the bump unit and the managements for physical examination, the existing problems of bump special protection units and managements, consideration as a whole from the protection, development and management of multiple perspectives, to improve the region’s cultural relics protection and utilization of rules, publicity and education to strengthen the protection of cultural relics, intensify the protection and control of cultural relics,In order to maximize the promotion of cultural relics protection work further better.””The back of most of the cultural relics protection units in the area are blank, and there is no detailed description of the cultural relics nearby. The general public can only see the names of the cultural relics and the level of the protection units. The historical significance of the cultural relics is not effectively displayed, which is not conducive to cultural inheritance.”In this regard, the procuratorate put forward a question to the cultural relics management department of the open area: “Can we try some novel explorations while protecting cultural relics? Let history speak for itself and stimulate the vitality of cultural relics through interactive forms such as video, pictures and text?””The prosecutor asked a good question.”According to Ji Chunfeng, the open area cultural relics management department to the city cultural relics management department made a report, the city cultural relics management department found that cultural protection unit signs back blank belongs to the city common problems.Then, two levels of cultural relics management department to strengthen the linkage and uniformly made by the municipal tube department of cultural relics is introduced qr code as cultural relics for exclusive “id”, by the district departments in bump tube and managements posted the qr code identification card, visitors just use their phones to scan objects exclusive “id”, can refer to cultural relics related words and images is introduced.Up to now, Changzhou city 355 cultural security units above the city level have uniformly posted exclusive “identity code”.This form of communication not only highlights the charm and affinity of cultural relics, but also enhances the interest of the explanation. “Getting out of the circle” of cultural relics is no longer a problem.”Cultural relics are the precious heritage left to us by our ancestors, and they are the deep soil for the construction of socialist spiritual civilization.”The procuratorial organs have provided new ideas for cultural relics protection and publicity, bringing previously ‘cold’ cultural relics to life, raising awareness and spreading positive energy.”Ji chunfeng said.(Source: Procuratorial Daily by Xie Tingting)