Should the car air conditioner air outlet go up or down?90% of people don’t know!

2022-06-21 0 By

Spring is coming, the weather is getting hot, car air conditioning has become a necessary companion for car owners to travel, but the car air conditioning may not be used for a long time, when it is used, it will blow out a bad smell, or feel the cooling effect is not as good as before.Some of these can be caused by the owner using the air conditioner incorrectly. Is your car using the air conditioner correctly?1. Is the air conditioning outlet up or down?Hot air rises and cold air sinks.Everyone in the car to open air conditioning should also seize the law, open air conditioning will air outlet up, open warm air outlet down.2, frequent cleaning, regular replacement of air conditioning filter many owners often wash their cars, but do not pay attention to the maintenance of the car.Spring often under the drizzle, the weather is humid, if you do not clean the air conditioning filter in time, will make the car smell, mildew.3, occasionally open strong wind air conditioning in the process of use, occasionally open the maximum air volume, you can blow out the residual dust in the air duct.How to use internal and external circulation, external circulation, silly points are not clear!When the car is hot, we use the outer circulation to get rid of the hot air in the car, and then when the temperature drops enough, we turn on the air conditioning and turn on the inner circulation.5, air conditioning also need to rest many friends running high speed will turn on the air conditioning all the way, in fact, this will make the air conditioning condenser pressure is too large, open air conditioning for a long time will seriously damage the refrigeration system, it is recommended that we open for a period of time, open the window for ventilation for a while, good for the body, good for the car.6, fluoride can not ignore the air conditioning to the maximum file does not feel cool?It is likely that the lack of fluorine affects the heat dissipation of the system, resulting in air conditioning not refrigeration.7, every week to turn on the air conditioning almost every day in hot weather, that winter?Open the cold air 3-4 times a month as far as possible, 5 minutes each time, can effectively prevent the aging of the evaporator, compressor and other problems.