Shen Teng appeared in the Spring Festival Gala for the 8th time. Did you find the scene of her wearing clothes in the sketch “Not yet”?

2022-06-21 0 By

As a regular at the gala, Shen teng made his eighth appearance on the stage in 2022.And the partner of the partner or we are familiar with Ma Li, two people brought the sketch, called “not yet”.Tells the story of Shen Teng played the old Shen, in order not to return the old classmates money, not hesitate to cooperate with the infusion, oxygen bags and other props, a sick look, successfully deceived Alan and Chang Yuan played the sympathy of the old classmates, delayed the time to return the money.There are many hilarious points in the sketch, such as when an old classmate came to collect a debt and found a bag of soy sauce mixed in old Shen’s infusion bag.There is also in order to show the poor, Old Shen did not hesitate to receive radiator water to treat old classmates.However, it is this joke, so that netizens caught Shen Teng in the Spring Festival Gala stage of the third mistake.Is the prop radiator is no water out, but Shen Teng in the water, at the beginning forgot to cover the tap with a cup, found behind, immediately put the cup up again, but the waterless wear to help small details or by sharp-eyed net friends saw.And the first two mistakes are “today’s happiness”, Shen Teng money, not clean, there are 100 dollars hanging outside.There are in the sketch “help not help”, Shen Teng performance too invested, lying on the ground forgot to pick up ma Li’s lines, fortunately Ma Li reaction fast enough, after the rescue, a sense of disharmony is not.On stage of modern drama, touch climb roll dozen shen Teng of a lot of years and Ma Li, have to say to any break out situation to deal with freely.This time it did not affect the performance at all.While her acting skills are becoming more and more proficient, it has also been found that Shen Teng, who appeared on the Spring Festival Gala for the first time in 2012, has grown fat to a double chin.Shen Teng’s fattening is visible to the naked eye, no wonder in the reporter’s interview, he and Mary tube of the combination of two people called fat, probably want to say that the figure can not go back.Shen Teng and Ma Li are called fat, so Shen Teng, who has been on the Spring Festival Gala for 8 times, and Jia Ling, who has been on the Spring Festival Gala for 7 times, if you want to form a group, what name do you think is appropriate?