Having more children is not always a blessing

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As the saying goes, many children are blessed.Many people believe this.Many men are more enthusiastic about this, so everywhere sowing, want to young chic, happy old age.Because of the abundance of children.Yesterday, the sister-in-law was speaking with facts, questioned the truth spread through the ages.Sun mou, old age will be like a ball, be kicked around, his old age happiness, difficult.Son is sister-in-law’s brother.There must be a reason why a real sister said that about her own brother.The sister-in-law took out a cigarette from the cigarette case, lit it, took a strong puff, and then gently spit it out.Sister-in-law of this action in one go, especially natural and unrestrained, than men also men.Smoke rose slowly in circles in front of the sister-in-law.In the rising smoke, the sister-in-law told the story of Sun.Sun mou generation, single pass.Sun mou first marriage, gave birth to four daughters.Give one away and raise three.In the countryside, no son, speak not tough.Especially when you quarrel with others, they scold you that you have no children.In order to have a son, Sun everywhere with flowers and grass.The first marriage, finally in sun mou stained flowers in the collapse of endure grass.The 2nd marriage wife is sun mou marriage inside derailment war result, little Sun mou 16 years old.His wife gave birth to two daughters and a son.Sister-in-law said, her three sisters-in-law very fierce, fine.The kind that eats people and doesn’t spit out bones.And Sun mou, see three give birth to his first two daughters, carrying three and find four.And she bore him a son.But four, because her husband is infertile, she came to borrow seeds.The son never let Sun see him.To put it bluntly, Sun mou is a breeding pig here in four.Sun is now known to have eight children.Sun mou first marriage four daughters, one to give away, three divorce is awarded to him.Stepmothers make stepfathers.With a powerful stepmother, there’s no room for three daughters.His three daughters from his first marriage are living with sohn s first wife and have little contact with sohn.Now only more than 30 years old, Sun mou already 50 years old.Sun’s car and house are all written in three’s name.With the temper of the three sisters-in-law, my silly brother, old age want to rely on her and her children, it is difficult yo.Sister-in-law spit smoke again, murmured.Ball, ball, my brother is a ball when he is old.Sister-in-law looked suspicious, but shook her head.Not all children, it seems, are blessings.