Do not only know Xiamen, Quanzhou, Fujian this year the most thick city is the real food holy land

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When it comes to fujian cuisine, most of us think of places like Xiamen, Fuzhou and even Quanzhou, but few of us think of this little-known treasure town.It is located in the coastal area of Fujian province, with more than 250 scenic spots and cultural relics, beautiful scenery;It has a profound history, is the world mazu center, known as “seashore Zou Lu”, “literature famous state” reputation;It is easily accessible, with a high-speed train from Xiamen taking just 1.5 hours and a high-speed train from the provincial capital Fuzhou taking just 0.5 hours.This small city in central Fujian is putian, Fujian.Putian is located on the coast of the East China Sea. Nourishing by sea breeze and waves, putian enjoys unique gourmet genes.There are so many delicious snacks here that you can eat them for a month without changing them.When it comes to Putian cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is Putian marinated noodles, which has earned Putian the reputation of “the City of Marinated noodles”.Tough noodles, add white flower soup, and then add lean meat, oyster, octopus, razor clam and other ingredients, with a slow stew into a pot of thick soup, delicious taste of lu noodles.Lu mian is an indispensable staple food for weddings, parties, celebrations and receptions.Among them, Putian marinated noodles and jiangkou marinated noodles is the most famous.Braised bean curd is the first dish for Putian people during the Spring Festival. The bean curd is made of “September beads”, a putian specialty.It is made by crushing tofu and braising it with eggs, pork, dried seafood and vegetables until the broth is tight.It’s delicious and tender, and it’s delicious with rice.Lychee meat gets its name from the way it looks like lychee. Lychee meat is fried pork cut into the shape of lychee in advance and then dripped with sweet and sour sauce. It tastes sweet and sour, moderate in strength, and better dipped in vinegar.Dripping duck dripping duck uses the most traditional way of cooking duck with gentle fire, because the local Muscovy duck steaming process, duck dew drops to the bottom of the container, so it is called dripping duck.The soul of the duck dew is the duck dew.Duck dew is sweet and not greasy, duck meat is tender and moist, coupled with thick soup, the cold moment of winter swept away.Shop recommendation: Lao Pu Xian (many years of history, lu Mian, lychee meat, nanyi bao can eat) 05.Laver braised rice Putian people like to eat salty rice, especially braised rice, laver braised rice is one of them.Laver braised rice is rich in ingredients, including two water laver, mushroom, dried oyster, pork belly, peanuts and so on. It tastes fragrant, soft and smooth, salty and delicious.Putian Red Mushroom soup Red mushroom is a mountain specialty in Putian, which cannot be cultivated artificially at present and is rich in nutrition.This red mushroom soup is made with Putian red mushrooms and tofu.Putian has unmatched and delicious rice noodles, which is a paradise for lovers of Suo noodles. Sifen is made from sweet potato flour. The powder is delicate and tough, the soup is mellow and delicious, and the vegetable balls are smooth and delicious, making it a putian intangible heritage food.A steaming bowl of powder, with very rich materials, usually small intestine, lychee meat, bean balls, fried tofu and so on.Accessories can also add crispy sausage, tripe, beef and so on, eat a big bowl are not satisfactory.Shop recommendation: Longhua Dan powder family (opened for more than ten years, it is said that the taste is to give powder No.1) 02.Xinghua fried rice noodles xinghua fried rice noodles is one of the top ten city cards of Putian.Putian people generally eat rice noodles in two ways: tommy noodles and fried rice noodles. That is, rice noodles are added with local meat or vegetable seasonings and cooked until they are fresh and tender.The combination of soy milk and rice noodles sounds like a dark dish, but once you’ve eaten it, you’ll say: Delicious!Xinghua rice noodles, long and thin, soaked in soybean milk, fried with egg slices, salty and refreshing, filmy taste.Shop recommendation: Hanjiang Back Street soymilk shop (business is very good, generally closed at 1 o ‘clock at noon) 04.Xitianwei bianchi food can be simply understood as “meat wrapped in meat”.Putian is best known for its western sky tail and flat food.There are two kinds of bientil food: clear soup bientil food and yan PI bientil food, and west Tianwei bientil food belongs to Yan PI bientil food.Add tapioca flour and roll it into a paper-thin skin. Wrap it with minced meat and serve.Shop recommendation: Chen Ji Spring Breeze banquet skin flat food is worth N brush characteristic snacks, eat people forget 01.I’m beating tenderloin of pork into broken pieces and marinating it with spices to make it smooth and delicious.It is similar to a lightly fried pork powder, with a layer of sweet potato powder on the meat, so it is more tender than ordinary meat.Oyster cakes Oyster cakes are fried snacks with rice flour and soybean flour as raw materials.It’s crispy and golden in color with a crisp shell and fresh filling.Oyster cakes can be dipped in sweet and sour sauce or served with rice gruel.03. Xianyou Sausage Set Xianyou sausage is made from pig intestines.For the taste of the sausage, the brine is key, and the best sausage is usually marinated in a thick broth made from pig bones and old hens.When finished, it can be eaten dry or dipped in soy sauce and vinegar. It can also be used for iron plate, fried or white cut to eat.Xinghua red tuan red tuan is filled with mung beans or glutinous rice and sugar, glutinous rice flour mixed with some flour, mixed with red things, and kneaded with water to make a skin. After the skin filling is wrapped into a round ball, it is pressed into a red tuan impression mold, and then put chicken banana leaves under it and steamed in a steamer.Fried kuiji is originally made by farmers who sift out broken rice into rice pulp after the debut of early rice and dry it with pumpkin, leek and celery.Among them, one of the 24 putian scenery stone room rock fried next is the most famous.In addition to the above, putian also has laver fried oyster, razor clam with pepper and salt, dried braised mutton and other special food, as well as mazu noodles, Dan zai noodles, white ji, Puxian bean pills, money ji, Maple ting cake, fried bag, Yin cake and other pastry snacks, come to taste.Meizhou Island, Jiuli Lake, Nanri island, Guanghua Temple, south Shaolin temple site, Jiuhua mountain, Caiximountain, mulanbei 2.There is no civil airport in Putian at present. You can take a plane to the nearby Fuzhou Changle International Airport, where special line buses have been opened to shuttle fuzhou Airport and Putian downtown.02. There are putian Station, Xianyou Station, Hanjiang Station, Putian East Station and other railway stations in Putian, which can be selected according to the journey.Putian not only has beautiful coastal scenery and a variety of delicious food, it is also one of the places with the strongest Lunar New Year flavor in China.The year here is to be passed twice.One is the New Year’s eve, and the other is the fourth day of the New Year.From the sixth day of the Lunar New Year, putian people celebrate yuanxiao, which lasts until the end of the first lunar month or even the beginning of the second lunar month.In this era of busy making money, it is rare that the Putian New Year still retains the traditional customs.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the fir cat travel part of the picture from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete!