The street is the life

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Our photographic diary D1123: Street, is life title: Copper ox punch time: January 29, 2022 location: Zhongshan Park author: Master explanation: Yinchuan grew up in the children should have a bull riding photo.Title: Demonstration Time: January 29, 2022 Location: Haibao Park Author: Jie Zi Description: Children learn to drive “old cows” with their grandpa.Title: Pot King time: January 29, 2022 Location: market author: Wang Junbing Description: Street old craft.Title: Full of blessings time: January 29, 2022 Location: Mining street author: Blue Dream Description: Everywhere is full of New Year flavor, full of blessings!Work hard with seven points of decency and keep three points of fun and live a good life!I didn’t RESET, but I really started the third carbon cycle.Title: Little Happy Time: January 29, 2022 Location: Yinchuan Author: Moon Boat Description: The two babies are so happy.