Ningxia Fish Protection!It is strictly prohibited to “one person with multiple hooks” and “one stroke with multiple hooks”.

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Spring is the fish breeding season, in order to effectively protect the reproduction of fish in the Yellow River and promote the construction of ecological civilization in the Yellow River basin, April 2,The Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of The Autonomous Region, The Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of Yinchuan, the Public Security Bureau of Yinchuan, the Comprehensive Law Enforcement and Supervision Bureau of Yinchuan and other units jointly carried out the special law enforcement action of “China Fishery Policy Liangjian 2022” to ban fishing in the Yellow River under the Helan Mountain Road bridge in Xingqing District of Yinchuan.It is reported that this year the closure system in ningxia section of the Yellow River in ningxia has adjusted, ningxia section of the Yellow River fishing scope in the original main channel and into the county, 397 kilometers, on the basis of outfall, increased the sand lakes lake nature reserve, Mr. Hickey special section of the Yellow River carp fish and qingshui river original states national core of aquatic germ plasm resources.Zheng Lanping, head of the fishery administration bureau of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of the Autonomous Region, introduced to the reporter that in addition to the expansion of the fishing ban, this year’s fishing ban system is more strict, including the production fishing is also prohibited, except for “one person, one pole, one hook” recreational fishing operations.”Recreational fishing is defined as’ one man, one hook, one pole ‘, while ‘one man, many poles’ and’ one pole, many hooks’ are both defined as productive fishing and are strictly prohibited.”Zheng said that the 2022 fishing ban will last from April 1 to July 31, during which no unit or individual should obstruct or delay the work under any excuse.Fishery administration departments will cooperate with comprehensive agricultural law enforcement departments, public security, communications, water conservancy and market supervision and administration departments to investigate and ban all kinds of fishing operations, and investigate and punish the purchase, transportation, storage, trafficking and sale of illegally caught fish in the Yellow River.Violators will have their catches and illegal gains confiscated in accordance with the law;If the circumstances are serious, fishing gear and fishing vessel shall be confiscated;Suspected criminal cases will be transferred to judicial organs to investigate criminal responsibility.”We will strictly crack down on illegal fishing activities such as’ three no-fish ‘boats,’ no-door nets’ and ‘electric poisoning’ to achieve the basic goal of ‘no fishing boats on the water and no nets under the water’ during the fishing ban period.””Said Zheng.In recent years, Ningxia has given priority to ecology, focused on the conservation and protection of aquatic biological resources of the Yellow River, and actively promoted the ecological balance protection of the “mother River”.It took the lead in implementing the Yellow River fishing ban system for 20 consecutive years, and 660 million commercial fish such as Yellow River carp and Yellow River catfish have been increased and released.Bluestone section of the Yellow River has the construction of the large nose-kissing Ju, Huang Hewei section of lanzhou section of the Yellow River carp catfish, qingshui river original states, sand lakes, Mr. Hickey lake endemic fishes endemic five national aquatic germplasm resources reserve and two national germplasm resources of the Yellow River fish, protect a total area of 47100 hectares, and the core area of 11000 hectares to protect the red line,The Ningxia section of the Yellow River covers 397 kilometers, and all key fish in the region are covered.A total of 65 million yuan has been allocated for ecological compensation for environmental impacts in aquatic germplasm resources reserves, all of which has been used to protect fishery ecology in the Yellow River.The follow-up survey showed that the fish biomass in the Ningxia reach of the Yellow River increased significantly, and the populations of endangered fish such as gobio gobio and red eye trout recovered gradually, which could be seen in some reaches all year round.(Ningxia Daily reporter Zhang Yingwen/video)