Developing electromagnetic guns against China?The Japanese government thought too good, but was poured cold water by their own people

2022-06-19 0 By

According to, a number of Japanese media have speculated that the Japanese Self-defense Force is developing electromagnetic railguns to deter China.However, when the Japanese media was trumpeting, officials from the Defense Ministry said that the electromagnetic gun was a backward weapon, and joked that if the high budget caused by the development of the weapon was investigated by the opposition party, the only reason can be “environmental protection”.According to the report, several Japanese media claimed that the defense Ministry’s budget for the 2022 fiscal year has reached 6.5 billion yen (rmb360 million), which will be used to develop railgun prototypes.Japanese media have also trumpeted that electromagnetic shells are not only faster and more effective at intercepting hypersonic missiles, but also enhance Japan’s deterrence capabilities, especially against China.It is reported that electromagnetic gun is the use of electromagnetic launch technology made of an advanced kinetic energy killing weapon, and the traditional cannon will be different from gunpowder gas pressure on the projectile, electromagnetic gun is the use of electromagnetic system in the electromagnetic field generated by the ampere force to accelerate the metal shell, so that it reaches the target required kinetic energy.But in the military world, electromagnetic guns have been criticized for their high power consumption, short range, and easy damage. Even the U.S. Navy, which has spent decades and billions of dollars on the project, had to give up and suspend the development of electromagnetic guns.Ricky Ellison, president of the Missile Defense Advocacy Coalition, has said power consumption, maneuverability and cooling issues have been a hindrance to the weapon’s development.Brayden Allenby, an engineering professor at Arizona State University, also said electromagnetic guns are far less mature than missiles, and U.S. defense contractors are more likely to choose the latter.But allenby said: “There may be a time in the future when electromagnetic guns can be better developed and provide more firepower for less money than missiles, but that day is not here yet.”The report said Japan’s electromagnetic gun project began in 2016, and over the years, the country has continued to improve the firing speed of the shells and develop materials that can conduct the strong electrical currents needed.In FY2022, Japanese researchers will also develop new technologies to enable automatic firing and stable flight of shells.Research on the electromagnetic gun will continue until 2028, sources said.Although the Japanese government is positive about the development of the electromagnetic gun, the self-Defence Force has a “bad impression” of the gun, and many people consider it a “toy” that cannot be put into use.A source from the MARITIME Self-Defense Force, for example, said that each shell fired by an American electromagnetic cannon consumes 25 megawatts of electricity, equivalent to 7,000 Japanese homes. The SELF-DEFENSE Force has no ships to provide such a huge power supply.Another defence ministry official said the electromagnetic gun was an outdated weapon and that it made no sense to write research and development funds for the project into the defence budget, just like throwing money away.The official also pointed out that the gun’s only current advantage is “environmental protection”, as it does not consume gunpowder or produce carbon dioxide.It is worth mentioning that Japan has been making provocative actions frequently in recent days.Just two months ago, Japan, citing “missile threats from other countries,” proposed amending its pacifist constitution to develop what it called “attack capabilities against enemy bases” and strengthen its self-defense Forces’ ability to carry out pre-emptive strikes against missile bases of potential adversaries.Soon after, Japan offered to invest 880 million U.S. dollars to develop missiles with a range of more than 1,000 kilometers, citing “long-range missile threats from The U.s., Russia, and North Korea.”Such examples of using the banner of “other countries threaten Japan’s security” as an excuse to develop weapons are everywhere in the Japanese government.Regarding Japan’s moves, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that Due to historical reasons, Japan’s military and security moves are closely watched by its Asian neighbors and the international community.Japan always picks on its neighbors just to find an excuse for its military expansion.China urges The Japanese side to stick to the path of peaceful development, be cautious in words and deeds in the military and security field and do more to safeguard regional peace and stability, rather than the opposite.