Cao County strictly implemented the closure of the senior three campus management work, to ensure that the campus epidemic prevention and control problems

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At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim. In order to build a solid defense line for campus safety and ensure the safety and health of teachers and students, the leadership of the Cao County Education and Sports Bureau held a special meeting on the evening of April 3 to strictly implement the closure management measures of the senior high school campus to ensure that there are no problems in the prevention and control of the epidemic on campus.First, teachers, students and employees closed the school.High schools create all conditions to meet the accommodation conditions of teachers and students, cleaning, catering, security and other school personnel, laying the foundation for closed-loop management.Second, strictly control the entrance and exit of schools.Except for vegetables, food and daily garbage, other items are strictly prohibited from entering or leaving the campus.Vegetables and other food will be delivered to the school gate, keep a safe distance between people, by the restaurant staff responsible for transport to the restaurant.Garbage generated by campus life, campus cleaning sent to the gate, by urban management vehicles at random cleaning.Three is the implementation of campus personnel only out.Teachers and students are required to leave the campus in case of special circumstances.The lack of teachers from the school deployment, students at home online classes.Fourth, do a good job in home-school communication.Using the online platform, teachers of all schools actively communicate with parents of senior three students, publicize the epidemic prevention and control situation and requirements, strive for parents’ understanding, and avoid contact between parents and students in school.Fifth, do a good job in students’ mental health.Senior high schools carry out a variety of recreational and sports activities and provide good psychological counseling classes to relieve students’ pressure in life and study and ensure their healthy growth both physically and mentally.Sixth, strengthen the supervision of campus closure.County education and Sports bureau of 9 high schools to implement the leading cadres pack school system, 9 section-level cadres every day to the school gate inspection closed management situation, timely communication and handling related problems, to solve the needs of the school.(At the school gate at 5-6 am on April 4) Seven is to implement punishment measures.Schools that do not implement the regulations of the higher authorities and do not do well in epidemic prevention and control will be strictly investigated for their responsibilities, and those with serious cases will be reported to judicial organs for criminal responsibility.Schools should pay more attention to epidemic prevention and control and ensure that all prevention and control measures on campus are in place.