Cambodian ‘adventures’ of two Chinese girls

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A few years ago, small A to the west port business, and A partnership opened A massage shop, after the situation changes, store management is poor, partners have withdrawn capital back home.But Little “A” insisted on staying.In August 2020, due to the epidemic, Xiao A simply closed the shop and sent the Thai employees of the massage shop back to the border.During that time, little A was depressed because she couldn’t make ends meet. She also suffered from mild depression.Then I met the girl, Little D.D has been cheering her up and comforting her, so the two have become good friends who can talk about anything.Later, Xiao D returned to China because of the epidemic, but the two still keep in touch.In early December 2021, an acquaintance of the two of them came to Little A and said that Little D owed them $20,000 and could not find her now. “You are little D’s friend, so you can only pay back the money for her!”Small A and small D verify, but small D denied the existence of arrears.Later, “debt people” began to small A dead pester bad dozen, several big man to collect debt, and blocking the door threats, put it: if A small A does not help pay, she sold to the park to pay.The small A of lone person is very afraid, use delay tactics, pretend to compromise and promise to gather 10 thousand DOLLARS first.But the direction of small A revealed that their ultimate goal is still important, even if there is 20,000 DOLLARS will not let small A go.Small A wants to escape, but the other side is already squatting in the vicinity of the residence, oneself “escape to the spot”.Small A to the relevant departments for help, but the phone is busy, mail does not return, let small A heart despair.He did not dare to call the police because he was afraid that he was familiar with the police.Deadlocked A few days later, the other side came downstairs again, and urged small A to downstairs “get on the car to talk”.But small A know this one go ominous, hence A few times evade refuse to go downstairs.At 3 o ‘clock in the morning, the other party upstairs “strong pull”, small A fled to public toilet hide.Little “A” shuddered as the debt collector kicked on his door.Just in time, she turned to Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Facebook page for help.The method worked. The West Port police quickly accepted the case and rescued her at around 7 am. She was taken to phnom Penh police station overnight.After arriving at phnom Penh Police station, the police began to take A statement, but little A was in an unstable mood and kept silent and in tears.The Phnom Penh police did not let her off lightly. They found an empty room for little A and gave her A mat. She stayed in the police station for four days.In 4 days, small A mood restores gradually, the police also understood the situation.But the police said, this matter has been reported to the prime Minister’s office, small A here without relatives, if now put out, and was caught or other things, the police can not bear this responsibility, so dare not easily put people.A had to find A friend (with an official job and address) in Phnom Penh to sponsor her before she could leave.Small A seeks help zhang Yu small A to contact the girl Zhang Yu that phnom Penh works through friend tossing and turning, hope she moves assure.▲ Small A zhang Yu for help Zhang Yu was very alert at first, one is and small A never met, worried about each other may be A partnership kidnapping;Two is afraid of the police with “1 for 1” conditions will be changed out….Later, small A plus Zhang Yu’s wechat, the two chat through wechat, Zhang Yu slowly learn about small A’s experience.▲ Small A to Zhang Yu self eventually, in line with the belief of saving, Zhang Yu or decided to go to the police station alone for its guarantee.Before leaving, she transferred the balance of her credit card to a trusted friend, stowed her remaining $50 in cash in a sock and took a tuk-tuk.Until the gate of the police station, Zhang Yu saw small A in the police escort out to meet, just put down the alert.The two strangers held hands and wept when they met.Zhang Yu according to the police requirements to show the passport, then fill in personal information, signature to leave A fingerprint, guarantee procedures, the success of A from the police station picked up.Zhang Yu to accompany A small hotel, ordered takeout, two people hanging heart at that moment finally put down.At the hotel, they struck up a conversation.The two people have many similar experiences and stories, and also hit it off very well.Worried about debt collectors from The west port, Zhang Yu would come to see her every day after work, take her to dinner, meet friends, play badminton, A few days later, out of the haze.That’s where the story ends.Zhang yu said that xiao A had left Cambodia and arrived safely in Thailand A few days ago to start A new life.Zhang yu also recorded this “shocking” experience.She wrote on the last page of her diary: “Life is always so intense, learn to follow your heart, always warm, helpful, adventurous, life is therefore meaningful.”(All names in this article are pseudonyms) Original/original works by Chen Dake, if reprinted, please contact