Let athletes perform brilliantly in the “Snow Flying” competition (focusing on the guarantee of the Winter Olympics)

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Photo 1: On Feb. 17, zhangjiakou genting Ski Park, zhangjiakou competition area, the staff is cleaning the track.Photo 2: On February 17, the national Ski jumping center, medical security personnel on standby.Photo 3: Children experience snow balancing vehicles at the ski resort of Changbai Mountain International Resort in Jilin Province.Xinhua News Agency hair white ski road shining silver, curve shape beautiful smooth, in steel mill industrial heritage against the backdrop, silver-coated shougang ski jump is particularly dazzling, like dunhuang fresco in the “flying” image.The shougang ski big jump is the only moguls competition venue in downtown Beijing, and four gold MEDALS were awarded during the Beijing Winter Olympics, two of which were won by Gu Ailing and Su Yiming.Behind the wonderful competition, cannot leave the service guarantee staff’s efforts.”More than 1,100 people provide services inside and outside the closed loop.”Song Shiyuan, director of shougang Ski platform venue, said that among them, there are shougang Group’s front-line staff, shijingshan district government staff, as well as volunteers, “we work together to efficiently complete the event guarantee.”Han Dong, manager of mountain Operation — “Making snow overnight for the highlight of the competition” jumping, flying and flipping…Su yiming a series of movements flowing like natural and unrestrained elegant, drew cheers from the audience.Su Yiming won the gold medal in the men’s snowboard platform final on Feb 15 after three rounds of competition.The 164-meter course has witnessed the hard work of winter Olympic athletes, as well as the wisdom and sweat of the snow-making team.”Dozens of people worked all night to make snow for the game.”Shougang ski big jump venue operation team mountain operation manager Han Dong was excited.Urban area daytime temperature is high, cooling late, cold wave short, shougang ski jump is often at night to early morning time to make snow to protect snow.During the snowmaking process, Han always keeps an eye on the thermometer and chooses the most suitable conditions to start the snowmaking machine. “Once the temperature drops below minus 2 degrees Celsius, we immediately start making snow,” he said.With the change of temperature and humidity, the snow gun and snow cannon should be adjusted at any time to ensure that the quality of snow meets the Olympic Standards.”The snow thickness is 0.5 meters in the starting area and 0.5 meters to 4 meters in the jumping area to the finishing area.”‘There are strict requirements for the amount of snow needed and the Angle of the slope in each area, and snowmaking should be done around those requirements,’ Mr. Han said.After snow making is completed, the team staff also use precision equipment to make precise shape according to the position, height, elevation Angle and parabola length of the take-off platform to ensure that the Angle of the continental slope is consistent with the parabola after the athletes jump.Volunteer Liu Yukuan — “Contribute youth strength to the guarantee of the Winter Olympic Games” “Please follow me.”Liu Yukuan, a volunteer of shougang Ski big jump, carefully checked the documents and reminded the athletes to sign in and clean their hands before guiding them to the competition area.Liu Yukuan from The Beijing Institute of Technology knows all about the process, from the reception of athletes to the competition stage.In January this year, 389 volunteers of shougang Ski Big Jump for the Winter Olympics officially took up their posts, covering 25 business areas such as sports, technology, ceremony, news operation and venue management.The volunteers are mainly from nine universities, including Beijing Institute of Technology and Shougang Institute of Technology, as well as tiantan Hospital, 999 emergency center and Shougang Group.”We organize volunteer training through four stages: general training, professional training, venue training and on-the-job training, using online teaching and offline batch training.”Ma Xiaoning, the volunteer manager of shougang Ski Platform venue operation team, participated in the service guarantee work of 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.In order to familiarize volunteers with the work process, the venue operation team started training volunteers at the end of October 2021.”As college students volunteers, we welcome friends and guests from all over the world with professional services and full of enthusiasm, and contribute to the protection of the winter Olympic Games.””Liu said.Wei Wei, logistics supervisor of mountain operation — “Before each competition, we check the protective facilities of the big jump platform one by one”. Feng Tao, security manager of Shougang Ski big jump platform, visited the security line of 2.7 kilometers every day.”The hard isolation interval here is larger, to ensure that all kinds of people do not cross, smooth connection…”Feng Tao patiently and carefully told the staff to detail the work.The winter Olympic Games and the Spring Festival meet, night shougang ski jumping platform lit up the landscape lights, glittering and translucent snow on the track was illuminated colorful, attracting many tourists to come to take photos.Feng patrols until 2 o ‘clock almost every night to avoid tourists straying into closed areas.Are the sponge pads fixed correctly on both sides of the track?Is the protective net firm?Are air cushion aeration and elasticity up to standard?”Before each competition, the protection of the big platform is checked one by one.”Feng Tao’s colleague, venue operation team mountain operation logistics director Wei Wei said.In the end zone, a thick cushion of air keeps athletes from crashing out of the snow as they land.At the field, medical support stands by.”Not only is the snow quality good, but the safety is very good.”Many athletes praised wei wei’s work.People’s Daily (14th edition, February 18, 2022)