Social finance data exceed expectations!Real estate plate quietly strong, 13 high performance real estate stocks to

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The previous sluggish performance of the bank, real estate plate, now both stronger, may be related to the real estate industry chain financing ushered in a warm winter.According to statistics, the new credit and social finance in January were as high as 3.98 trillion and 6.17 trillion respectively, both hitting a record high in a single month. On the basis of a very high base, they still increased by 400 billion and nearly trillion respectively, making a hard-won “good start” in credit.Shenwan Hongyuan said in the report that the “good start” of credit association financing is conducive to dispel the market’s concerns about the financing blocking point of the real estate industry chain, real estate industry chain financing ushered in the warm winter, real estate investment is expected to bottom out in the second quarter and rebound, the probability of positive growth of 1% or so throughout the year is greatly increased.In addition, the Notice on The Exclusion of loans for Low-income Rental Housing from the Concentration of Real estate Loans states:Clear of affordable rental housing projects related to the loan into the concentration management, real estate loans to Banks to crag ordinary real estate credit, more affordable rental housing credit and ordinary real estate projects, medium and long-term loans or will further increase, further boost credit, investment in fixed assets.It is worth mentioning that: for banks, real estate as a high-quality credit asset, the profit margin is relatively high, if the real estate financing environment gradually picked up, it is expected to continue to catalyze the market of the banking sector.From the post-holiday performance of the real estate sector, five consecutive trading days to achieve gains, plate index rose 5.65%, during the real estate stocks generally higher.According to statistics, a total of 19 real estate stocks rose more than 10%, the top gainer is Taihe Group, up 51.35% in the past five trading days.Followed by Nanshan Holdings, Tianbao Infrastructure, Yuehongyuan A, the cumulative increase of more than 20%, the top real estate stocks and China Wuyi, Sunshine Shares, Rong ‘an Real Estate, Jiakai City, Black Peony, Jingtou Development, etc..Capital is an important factor driving stock prices, from the perspective of capital flow, a total of 24 shares in the past five trading days received major net inflows of more than 10 million.China Merchants Shekou and Poly Development both received major net inflows of more than 100 million yuan, respectively 165 million yuan and 126 million yuan. Other major net inflows of xiangcai Shares, China Wuyi, Yuehongyuan A, Tianbao Infrastructure, etc., with net inflows of more than 50 million yuan.In terms of performance, in the real estate industry continues to downturn in the environment, there are still many real estate companies bucking the trend of strong performance.From the real estate stocks that have forecast annual performance at present, the performance of real estate stocks pre-increase more than 20, further combing, a total of 13 net profit growth median more than 100%.Rongfeng Holdings, Shahe Shares, Wantong Development, Yuehongyuan A pre-increase range, annual net profit respectively year-on-year growth of 1178%, 678%, 295%, 231%.Pre-growth of more than 100% of the jinbin development, Joy City, *ST Songjiang, Tianbao infrastructure, Pearl River Shares, *ST foundation, annual performance pre-growth of more than 100%.Annual performance over 100% real estate stocks!Rongfeng Holdings: Expected net profit growth of 1178.56% year-on-year in 2021 (median);Changchun high quality commercial real estate developer, the company’s main business is real estate development, the main products are residential and commercial real estate, the ongoing project is changchun International Financial Center, the main products are improved residential and high-end office property.Shahe Stock: it is estimated that the net profit in 2021 will increase by 678.04 (median) %;Shenzhen enterprises, state-owned enterprises, the company is mainly engaged in real estate development and management, modern service industry housing operation and management.Wantong Development: Projected net profit growth of 295% yoy in 2021 (median);Focusing on high-quality developers in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, mainly residential, the company’s main business is real estate development and sales, urban renewal and operation, asset management.Yuehongyuan A: Projected net profit growth of 231% year-on-year in 2021 (median);Dongguan small developers, the company is a real estate development as the main business, supporting hydropower project construction, as well as industrial plant leasing, raw coal mining and sales, lead-containing waste recovery and utilization of listed companies.Jinbin Development: Estimated net profit growth of 153.42% yoy in 2021 (median);As a small real estate developer in Tianjin area, the company’s main business is real estate development and sales, and its business model is mainly independent development and sales. The company’s real estate development is mainly residential products.Joy City: Projected net profit growth of 127.14% yoy in 2021 (median);Cofco is a listed company. Its main business includes: real estate development, operation, sales, leasing and management of residential and commercial properties, mainly residential business. *ST Songjiang: Its net profit is expected to increase by 118.80% year-on-year in 2021 (median);The company is a leading enterprise in tianjin real estate comprehensive development, and its business mode is mainly independent development and sales, mainly divided into residential development and commercial real estate development.Business model: The main products of residential real estate development are all kinds of residential products, including high-rise houses, multi-storey houses and villas, etc.Commercial real estate development is mainly based on the development and operation management of shops, office buildings and apartments.Tianbao Infrastructure: Projected net profit growth of 112.81% yoy in 2021 (median);Focusing on the developer of Tianjin Binhai New Area, the company, as a listed company engaged in real estate development in the core area of Binhai New Area, will increase the intensity of project expansion, increase land reserve, and initially form the strategic layout of “development zone — airport Economic Zone — Tianjin downtown”.Pearl River Holdings: expected 2021 net profit growth of 111.59% (median);As one of the earliest comprehensive real estate development enterprises established in Guangzhou, the company’s main business is real estate and property management, mainly in zhujiang residential.*ST basis: Projected net profit growth of 106.41% yoy in 2021 (median);As a high-quality real estate developer in Hainan Province, the company’s real estate business is strategically positioned to acquire land for the operation of airport, railway, port, dock and other basic industrial facilities, and to develop, construct and operate real estate industry chain as its business direction.Jingeng Real Estate: expected 2021 net profit growth of 106.31% (median);Beijing as the core of the small real estate developer, the company after asset restructuring engaged in real estate development business, has more than ten years of real estate development experience, the company is mainly engaged in Beijing, Yinchuan, Tianjin and Dalian area of real estate development business, business model for real estate development.Taihe Group: Estimated net profit growth of 102.33% year-on-year in 2021 (median);Focusing on high-quality real estate developers in the first and second tier core cities, the company is mainly engaged in the development and operation of residential and commercial real estate. The company’s main products and services are real estate, rental and trusteeship income, service and retail.Jinan Gaoxin: Net profit is expected to increase by 101.52% year-on-year in 2021 (median);The company mainly to real estate development and mining mining – based dual main business model.At present, the real estate business mode of the company is mainly independent development and sales. The real estate development business is mainly residential and commercial, and the mining business mainly includes exploration, development, mining and selection of gold and other precious metals, and ore sales.Note: The above mentioned companies are organized and summarized according to the performance statements and other public materials, which are only used for sharing and exchange and learning, not as the basis for trading;If you have anything to say please leave it in the comments section below!Code word is not easy, agree with the point of view of the article friends can like, like support, thank you!You can also click on the top blue to follow me, and you can send me a message if you have any questions. We will share the latest stock market information with you every trading day, and you can see it at the first time every day.For more exciting content, come to the stock market morning and evening