Most of Qinghai has seen snow since the night of April 4

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In recent days the weather is good but the temperature is lower in xining lowest temperature has been minus ten degrees highest temperature is about 0 degrees than it was before a is much colder in yushu, south to snow again go luo capsule modest local villages and towns to blizzard released yushu city south northwest of icy roads warning over the next two days by air flow to affect much of the province the weather good morning low temperature out noteMeaning warm 5, starting from the western region the province successively the overcast weather in most areas have light snow or moderate snow flying friends must pay attention to the weather change plan, early return safely the next three days, the entire province trend forecast _02 day 20 ~ 3 day 20: mount tunggula southwest region, yushu have light snow, the rest of the region in the province of sunny or cloudy.20:00, 03 ~ 20:00, 04: light snow in Tanggula Mountain area, sunny or cloudy in other parts of the province.20:00 on 04 ~ 20:00 on 05: it will be cloudy in the west of Haixi, southeast of Yushu, Guoluo, south of Hainan and south of Huangnan, with light snow in the rest of the province.Xining forecast the next three days, 3 to 4 night during the day: clear to overcast, southeast wind grade 3 ~ 4, 14 to minus 1 degrees below zero 4 to 5 at night during the day: Yin turn light snow, southeast wind grade 3 ~ 4, 12 to minus 2 degrees below zero. 5 to 6 at night during the day: moderate snow turn cloudy, southeast wind grade 3 ~ 4, 12 to minus 1 degrees below zero source: xining evening news producers:Gao Zhaohua Editor: Liu Xinghai Editor: Feng Lichen, Zhu Weilin