Village owner and property produce contradiction, should look for what branch to complain

2022-06-16 0 By

Nowadays, more and more urban real estate construction, and the management of the community has become an important link, the main responsibility of the community management object falls to the property company.Property as the manager of the community, some problems in the community will basically find it, so it is inevitable that there will be some contradictions between the community owner and the property.Complaint is not solved, for instance, owners of the community, community civil strife stop lying problems and so on, if (it is) properly treated, residential property can’t generally will not satisfied by owner, and often appear to deal with individual property status, can say just accept money, don’t work, also a headache for this purpose, many owners of the community, after all, common owner also don’t know who should be specific for processing,Today we are the following, community owners and property conflict, how should safeguard their rights and interests, find those departments appeal.Property without water and power to find who?About the people’s livelihood, the water and electricity in the general community need to be paid by the property, and the property also has the right to collect from the owner.But because some owners and property conflict, so individual property will privately to the owners of water, power.This kind of circumstance is illegal actually, owner need not be hurried greatly, owner can find company of tap water, power supply to undertake complaint directly, additional, also can find estate is in charge of a branch to complain, cause to the loss because of break water, power cut, property undertakes compensation to its even.So, after understanding clearly, the owner is no longer afraid.Property disorderly charges, do not look for who?Some individual residential property often appear the phenomenon of chaos to collect fees, even only accept money, don’t do things, if meet such circumstance, can undertake to report, to collect fees in disorder phenomenon, you can find the local price bureau to complain, price bureau will investigate complaints according to owner, if things are true, then the community property is subject to certain penalties, and will return the more part.In addition to the individual property is not as the phenomenon, the owner may complain to the owners’ committee, and the so-called owners’ committee are, according to the village election is on behalf of the village owner, so has the right to supervise the property, if the owners’ committee can’t carry on the punishment, can find the local real estate administrative departments complaints,After all, this is the superior leadership of the property company.To sum up, the relationship between property and community owners is one of employment and employment. Nowadays, most community property has obviously reversed the relationship with the owners, which is obviously not able to pay attention to the property service community owners. As community owners, they should have the courage to safeguard their own interests at the critical moment.