Trumpchi M8- No limits, enjoy extraordinary expression

2022-06-16 0 By

Luxury for the achievement of extraordinary temperament tiancheng, side show ingenuity chuanqi M8,Aspects could not set limits to more appearance levels does not limit the atmosphere appearance reveals the mind “LingYunYi” + “include wing”, namely all domineering configuration matrix harsh headlight transverse integration through type LED taillights leisurely style one integrated mass power unlimited d enjoy luxury design completely, depending on the instrument panel + the unbroken cockpit design charm release, all show the open pattern leading body at the same level 5 meters super conductor,3 meters wheelbase, there is more than enough space in the car to control the whole situation. Special high-grade leather seats intimate design, comfortable to enjoy two rows of 6-way electric adjustment high-grade leather seats with ventilation, heating, massage, comfort pillow and wide electric leg support in one first-class class experience.There are four screens of interconnection and application, four tone area voice control system, one-button screen casting, music, programs, games and other massive resources, instant interaction with the screen, personalized services can also be provided. The independent entertainment space is exclusive to you. You can be happy alone or all happy