Traffic police remind: these 3 kinds of driver’s licenses, the elderly over 70 years old can obtain

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Please click “follow” before reading, we will provide you with more valuable related content later, thank you for your support.Travel now, and we have a wide variety of can choose means of transportation, including “electricity”, “oil”, including two rounds, three rounds, round, each family according to their own situation, choose suitable for their own transportation, the transportation, there are quite a few are “motor vehicle”, in accordance with the provisions of the said RDB motor vehicles on the road, need to hold a driver’s license,This makes it difficult for the elderly over 70 years old. However, with the continuous optimization of the driving license regulations, the elderly over 70 years old can also obtain three kinds of driving licenses. In addition, the elderly without a driving license can also ride three kinds of cars.70 – year – old old people in people’s impression, already is the age is bigger, the body and reaction is more bad of the age, but with the development of national economy, people’s physical quality also got very good ascension, the vast majority of the elderly over the age of 70, the body are healthy, reaction ability, they also need to travel, and even a lot of people also need to transport children to and from school for the child,Therefore, it is natural for them to need means of transport. For them, transportation is also a kind of “just need”. In this context, the traffic management department relaxed the age limit of driving test for some driving licenses, so that the elderly over 70 years old can also get driving licenses and have more models to choose from.The account of handan Traffic police recently published an article about “what kind of license do YOU need to apply for if you want to drive an electric tricycle or four-wheeler?”There are three types of driving licenses that people over 70 can obtain, including C1, C2 and F driving licenses.These 3 kinds of driving licenses can drive common transportation tools in life, including electric mopeds, mopeds, recreational electric tricycles, low-speed four-wheel electric vehicles, electric cars, private cars, etc. The elderly with these driving licenses will naturally have a lot more choices.However, as the old people under the age of 70, his various aspects ability compared with young people, will be slightly less, therefore, before reaching the age of 70 in enter oneself for an examination, set up a premise condition, that is by including memory, judgment, reaction force, sunny and test by can enter oneself for an examination of above three kinds of driver’s license, if the confirmation of their health,You can actively apply for a driving license, do the license on the road.Of course, if the elderly feel that their memory, reaction and judgment do not meet the driver’s license, it does not matter, according to the provisions of the road traffic law, non-motor vehicles are required to drive a license, the elderly still have transport tools to use.And at present commonly used non-motor vehicles, mainly including bicycles, electric bicycles, electric wheelchairs three, one of the electric bicycle is old people to use more models, although it has the highest speed of only 25 km/h, but for the elderly short-distance transport, meet her needs, enough to power, if do not have a driver’s license, want to on the road of legal compliance,All three models are available.Conclusion:Through the above introduction, you can see, the elderly over the age of 70, may obtain C1 and C2, 3 F the driver’s license, without a driver’s license, can also ride bicycles, electric bicycles, electric wheelchairs three do not need a non-motor vehicle driver’s license, for the elderly, selective or more, of course, small xin advice, if the body health,You can get the F driving license, which takes fast time, low cost and low difficulty. After obtaining the license, you can drive a recreational electric tricycle, which is more suitable for the elderly over 70 years old.So, if you are 70 years old, will you get a driver’s license?If you don’t have a driver’s license, what kind of transportation will you use?Comments are welcome.