I got beat up by the whole class, and the girls didn’t let go

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The ancient Chinese class in the summer of freshman year was stuffy and hot.We basic one word: sleep!No way, this thing is not simple to understand is tedious to call a person to listen to sleepy!Why don’t you try?If you don’t fall asleep after listening to three tang, you are immortal!Professor Li’s class is the most blinding!But I never dare to sleep in his class!I had to. I was his graduate student. He was my advisor!Anguish, anguish!Professor Li always smiled miserably and said to me, “If only there was a way to make them all like you?!”I hesitated for a moment and said, “I have a way to make sure that they will all wake up and look good when I speak one sentence, but I may be beaten after you finish your second sentence!”Professor Li’s eyes lit up and he said, “Just have a try!”I said: “good, I don’t hell who under!”It was still summer, still hot!Class, everyone is asleep!I suddenly jumped up and said: “everyone, the next please professor Li to tell you the classical erotic novel” Jin Ping Mei “in the history of Chinese literature important position and historical significance as well as the shaping of characters and content in the typical environment revealed.Welcome!Welcome!”All eyes are open!The eyes of the seniors and students are filled with excitement and expectation!The eyes of elder sister and younger sister shone with shyness and shyness!’The Four Great Books’ is the forbidden area and curiosity of every young man!No one dares to speak of this book in public!Professor Li looked at me with satisfaction and said, “Actually it’s nothing!It is the first novel with a woman as the protagonist in The history of Chinese fiction.Ok, everyone is awake, now I continue to talk about the life of the Ram, canto 16, “Do what you don’t do is right, do what you don’t do is wrong!”Guys, a ram is not a sheep. It’s …………!”Professor Li looked up but couldn’t find me!I had been thrown by all the schoolbags to pressure slip under the table!The most pitiful is my head also in two packets of sanitary napkins, ear hanging a bra!Girls are throwing everything they can at me!