How to speed up the old district in Chongqing to install elevators?

2022-06-16 0 By

According to the seventh national census, the permanent population of Zhuhai is about 32.05 million, among which 21.87% are over 60 years old, indicating a serious degree of aging.Hundreds of thousands of elderly people and some disabled people live in old residential areas without elevators, and their daily travel and material handling have become difficult problems in their lives. Therefore, it is increasingly important to accelerate the installation of elevators in old residential areas.According to the interim Measures for the Construction management of Adding elevators in Old Residential Buildings in Chongqing, the old residential buildings that have acquired the real estate right certificate for more than 10 years and have no elevators on 4 floors and above,With the consent of the owners whose exclusive parts of the unit account for more than 2/3 of the total area of the building and 2/3 of the total number of houses, they may apply to the local urban and rural planning authorities for adding elevators.However, in the actual negotiation process of installing elevators, it is often difficult to reach an agreement on the proportion of housing investment for different floors, and some owners do not agree to install elevators on the grounds of affecting lighting, privacy or personal grudges.The construction cost of adding elevators in old residential areas is relatively high. Taking the old residential areas of about 8 floors as an example, adding elevators requires investment of about 400,000 yuan, and problems related to geographical environment, personnel costs, design and installation need to be solved.Owners living in old communities often have a certain number of relatively difficult residents, who are difficult to afford large capital investment, resulting in the inability to realize the intention of installing elevators.The approval procedures for the installation of elevators in old residential areas are cumbersome and complex. Because the installation of elevators needs to be re-planned for civil engineering, design, mechanical and electrical engineering, and involves water pipe dredging, natural gas transformation, sewage treatment and other matters, the implementation can only be carried out after the approval of planning, housing and construction, urban management and fire control departments.The complicated approval procedures inevitably make it difficult for ordinary residents to run, which to some extent also constitutes one of the difficulties in installing elevators in old communities.Accelerate the old community with effective measures to strengthen the elevator work coordination, on-demand customization Increase through the streets, community of adding the elevator work of publicity, actively coordinate contradiction dispute, priority to transform the will is strong, high participation of community into the project, exert the principal role of a good community residents,Gradually form a transformation atmosphere of cooperation, support and active participation.Explore the establishment of special funds, help to raise funds for construction of old residential areas to install the main elevator is the residents, but the society should be supported.On the basis of self-financing by property owners and donations from social forces, the government may set up a special financial subsidy fund to guide, encourage and motivate residents to improve their living conditions.Optimize the administrative examination and approval process, improve the overall planning and coordination mechanism to formulate special work guidelines, clarify work rules, responsibility lists and procedures, and specify and list the scope of responsibility of each functional department, street and community, so as to realize the approval process of installing elevators should be reduced to the minimum.