Cui Li, the governor of Ezhou, was governed by filial piety

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Cui Li (unknown date of birth or death), courtesy name Yue Qing, boling Anping (now Anping County, Hebei Province) native, good at talking, writing articles is also extremely wonderful, plus long and have a gentleman style.Take filial piety governance of Ezhou governor Cui Li – ink Ezhou – together take scriptures – Powered by Discuz!In the Tang Dynasty as a look at the face of the era, talented and handsome he had a smooth career.Historical records, from the yuan and five years, the entrance examination of jinshi.Treasure calendar years, into the supervision of the imperial history.Dahe early years, successive shi Yu, household lang, Ruzhou governor, in the book to give up people, know letters, worship, household two minister.As the town of the Army and ping Lu army, tired to move Shangshu Zuo Cheng.Died in office, posthumously to the Ministry of Rites shang Shu.Before his death, he wrote a book called “Righteousness Excitation”, which has been lost.This is because Cui li attaches great importance to filial piety.Therefore, from 840 to 842, Cui Li served as governor of Ezhou, during which he paid special attention to filial piety.After holding office in Ezhou, they highly praise Tang Xuanzong’s “Filial Piety” governance;Not only that, it also in-depth investigation of the folk customs of Ezhou at that time, feel that some of the ritual text is very unclear, and some old customs are very wrong, so they will carry out a vigorous reform.In particular, hubei during cure, dealt with a local to filial and killing things, historical records at the time, ezhou’s father, a local woman and her husband for jiang killed by the thief, the woman after ascertain enemy’s name, disguised as a man, doing an enemy home of choose and employ persons, do cattle and horses during two years, work hard, finally won the trust of the enemy, then took advantage of the enemy and partner wasted as attached,The enemy will be killed, and lead the government to this gang of river thieves in one net.Cui Li wrote this in his book “Righteousness Excitation”.In particular, it is mentioned in the book that when the woman returned to her hometown after her revenge, the local people were not afraid of her murder, but “the rich and powerful in the city competed for employment”.Such an evaluation may be beyond our contemporary understanding, but it is the mainstream view among the Tang people.This also reflects the tang Dynasty ezhou people to the woman’s revenge story behind the character of filial piety.At the same time, in order to maintain the dignity and authority of the country after the Anshi Rebellion, Cui Li also vigorously promoted the rule of law in Ezhou, not only severely punished corrupt officials, but also set up academies to spread the spirit of the central government policy.