Shanxi reported a number of cases related to the epidemic police someone driving into the card and someone hiding the trip

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The picture shows the Shanghai Expressway epidemic prevention and control checkpoint.Taiyuan, April 7 (Reporter Li Tingyao) Recently, Shanxi Province at the same time in many places imported epidemic, epidemic prevention and control pressure continues to increase.Many places in the province reported a number of COVID-19 alert, a number of people driving into the card, hiding the trip and other offenders were punished.7, reporters learned from changzhi city public security bureau to take office, truck driver wang (male, 36 years old, to take area of changzhi city) in the case of knowing you have a high risk during the trip, to take in entering the epidemic prevention and control checkpoint, let his friend li mou (male, 52, take area of changzhi city) replace the drive, and along the path around toll station,Police were found on the spot.Both were given administrative punishments by the police.On March 28, the leading group of epidemic prevention and control work in Ji County, Linfen City, found that the epidemic prevention measures of a vegetable store were not perfect, and the vegetable store was closed down and rectified according to law on the same day.On March 31, the offender Yuan mou secretly opened the closed store business.Eventually, Yuan mou by the police administrative detention.On March 30th, Tunliu branch of Changzhi Municipal Public Security Bureau investigated and dealt with a case of refusing to implement government decisions and orders under the state of emergency.Liu X qing (male, 41 years old, from Jilin Province) and Lian X Hai (male, 51 years old, from Jilin Province) refused to show their travel code and health code to epidemic prevention and control personnel when they passed an epidemic prevention and control checkpoint in Tunliu district, and evaded sampling when medical personnel conducted nucleic acid tests on them.Both were given administrative punishments by the police.On April 1, Chen Mou Yu, who temporarily lives in Luzhou district, Changzhi City, returned to The city by high-speed train from dawangzhuang street, Hedong District, Tianjin.According to the investigation, this area is an area where cases have occurred but the risk level has not been adjusted, and there is the risk of epidemic transmission. In addition, Chen mou Yu filled in the Letter of Commitment at changzhi East High-speed railway Station, promising to report to the community immediately after arriving home, not to enter public places, and not to participate in any gathering activities.However, Chen did not report to her community as required and went to a restaurant for dinner, which violated her promise and the epidemic prevention and control regulations. At present, she has been quarantined and registered for investigation.Violator Huang insults, tear staff, police administrative detention.Linfen City Public Security Bureau for the map at 9:00 on April 2, Linfen City Hongdong County Yandi township village epidemic prevention and control card point, the staff into the village of personnel vehicles for epidemic prevention inspection, the offender Huang mou (male, 23 years old, Hongdong County) jumped the queue ready to leave, was stopped by the staff, abuse, tear staff.Eventually, Huang was detained by the police administration.In addition, the Public Security Bureau of Pingyao County, Jinzhong City, promptly investigated and dealt with four cases of refusing to implement epidemic prevention and control decisions and orders, including driving into a card and concealing the travel schedule, and five suspects were given administrative punishment by the police.(after)