Life has its wisdom and driving has its truth

2022-06-15 0 By

1. Drive to get there.Your speed will slow down after a few more years of driving.3. Overtaking a car better than yours doesn’t mean you’re better than him.4. The idea and practice of constantly setting your own speed record is childish and unwise.Safe driving time is the most worthy of your pride and show off.6. Bring a hitchhiker if possible.Use the horn as little as possible and listen to the music in the car.8. Don’t wash your car at night.If there is something wrong with the car, repair it immediately.10. When parking, turn the front of the car in the direction that you can leave directly. Parking in the way of others will be scratched.Never think you can brake the car.In the face of the elderly, children and people with limited mobility, beckoning them to pass first and smile.Figure looks good beauty (handsome boy), past don’t look back.Don’t have to don’t lend your car to others, don’t have to don’t borrow other people’s car.Put an interesting book in the car when traffic jams, it works better than swearing.Wearing a seat belt becomes a habit.Open slowly over the water road, don’t splash others.