Are air fryers an “IQ tax” or a “kitchen necessity”?Here’s some advice from someone who’s been there

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Are air fryers an “IQ tax” or a “kitchen necessity”?To see a n experienced person advice along with the development of the economy, now everyone’s life is getting better and better, novelty also have sprung up to everyone, like before the Chinese New Year this year, I will give home added a electrical appliances, is in recent years, hot cut air fryer, small make up and the year before with good, feel more convenient I give parents bought a,When I got home for Chinese New Year, my parents said it was useless, not as convenient as a microwave or oven, which put off relatives who wanted to buy an air fryer.After go home, I also showed them how convenient air fryer, but they also feel this thing is not practical, then I will talk to my girlfriends, did not think of themselves as she also hesitate to buy air fryer or oven, and felt the air fryer to blow very fire, even IQ “tax”, after all, a household electrical appliances, light controlled, expensive or dollars,Everyone wants something practical.Whether the oven or air fryer, small make up all this, when there is no air fryer, I use most is the oven, and the air fryer, oven, I rarely use again, that for the air fryer tax “IQ” or necessary kitchen, not choosing the oven or the air fryer, take a look at a n experienced person to give you advice.Air fryer, started up the cause of the fire, is that it can not oil can also be Fried food, and make things like Fried cake after, as the name suggests air fryer is using high temperature food cooked, then the moisture evaporation inside out, making food and Fried, after which the oven is different, although is also a high temperature heating, but the oven is to lock moisture,It’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and it can be used for things like cakes.And you feel the air fryer “chicken ribs”, think it is “IQ tax”, the small make up can only use one word to describe, is “lazy”, after all the air fryer than oven is simple, just need time and temperature, you don’t need to look at will paste, it will remind you the time came, and one more thing is it smoke basket blackouts, even a child accidentally touch, also won’t appear dangerous situation.In addition to the lazy, second is not used, the air fryer is very simple to operate, actually like KFC home fries, a 15 dollars, but if you buy goods, a bag of chips for 1 kg may only 15 yuan, want when in the air fryer, 180 degrees bake for 15 minutes, midway remember turning, taste and eat in the shop are the same,You can save money and eat delicious food, killing two birds with one stone.And the air fryer is not only capable of frying French fries, such as half-baked rice krispies, colonel’s Chicken nuggets and black pepper chicken nuggets, but also of other unexpected delicacies such as egg tarts, grilled tofu, grilled chicken wings, grilled fish, grilled prawns, grilled mushrooms, and so on. You can discover more with your research.Small make up in the last year, they often make food with air fryer, if you like to eat meat, so be sure to try the air fryer baked crispy pork belly, coupling and Fried eggplant box, air fryer can do it, like a crispy pork belly, preserved well in advance, in, 200 degrees bake for about 30 minutes, tomato box coupling is 180 degrees, bake for 25 minutes, the center will be the opposite,It tastes the same as when you fry it.Do not like to eat meat, still can try fried turnips, and fried mushrooms, put on secret small sauce, taste does not mention more delicious, simple and convenient special save trouble, but also can bake milk.An air fryer is more convenient than an oven. If you often bake cakes at home, you might want to buy an oven, but if you don’t like making cakes, then an air fryer is better for you, especially if you are single or in a couple.Since the air fryer popular brands are also launched, small make up compared to a lot of convenience, eventually feel more recommend air fryer of mei ling home, as a whole is given priority to with navy, appearance is very durable, low fat, no oil intelligent temperature control, 11 pieces of blades are inside heating, simple operation, put the food into the basket, as the time and good taste,Just wait a moment.And it is 3.7 liters of large capacity, a family of four no problem, want to do food easy to fix, big brand guarantee, is bought after the hand, there is a year for free new, from the appearance level from the capacity, cost-effective are super high.If you’re still on the fence about buying an air fryer, I suggest you get one that’s 100 percent practical.In small make up point of view, the air fryer is not IQ, but kitchen essential, especially when trying to lose weight, also can do some snack food solution, but it is also a small make up a suggestion, if you often do baking, often bake a cake, that you are still with the oven, and vice or air fryer is more practical, cost-effective and better, that is a n experienced person to advice and opinions,Did it help you?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section. By the way, did you get an air fryer or an oven?