“Ya ‘an” Taiwan-funded Agricultural Enterprise Committee “Panzhihua Tour” entered Hanyuan to deepen exchanges and cooperation

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On March 15, taiwan-funded Agricultural Enterprise Committee “Panxi Trip” went to Hanyuan. Through field trips, discussions and exchanges, they had a deep understanding of the development of modern agriculture, home-stay operation and alliance development in Hanyuan county, and actively looked for cooperation and development opportunities in agriculture, culture and tourism, health and other industries.Luo Bin, director of Taiwan Affairs Office of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, and Qin Jiansheng, deputy Secretary of Hanyuan County Party Committee and county head attended the event.A delegation also visited the Chinese prickly ash expo park, sichuan sinopac and agricultural science and technology co., LTD., hanyuan HaoYe technology co., LTD., pear flower cloud jian home stay facility, detailed understanding of the historical source of han Chinese prickly ash, deep processing of Chinese prickly ash, enterprise production and operation, and our county development of modern agricultural development, the home stay facility alliance, tertiary industry integration, and so on and so forth.At the seminar, Qin Jiansheng made a detailed introduction to the delegation on the location advantage, resource endowment, characteristic industry development and health tourism prospect of our county.He said that Hanyuan, as a large agricultural county in the mountainous area and the main producing area of agricultural products in the province, has actively explored the construction of “3+3” modern agricultural industrial system, and built “532” ten characteristic agricultural industrial bases with nearly 800,000 mu represented by superior fresh fruits, characteristic dried fruits and summer vegetables.It is planned to layout seven modern agricultural parks, namely, Hanyuan Prickly ash, rice-garlic rotation grain and grain combination, sweet cherry, Huangguogan, loquat, red Fuji apple and mountain vegetable planting and breeding cycle. Hanyuan Prickly ash five-star modern agricultural park at provincial level is moving towards national five-star park.Hanyuan has also been awarded the national pilot county of agricultural products coming from villages to cities, and the provincial advanced county of agriculture, rural areas and poverty alleviation. It is worthy of the name of the Hometown of Chinese prickly ash, the hometown of Chinese sweet cherry, and the first county of Fruit and fruit in western China.Hanyuan around “sun kang city, livable new hanyuan” overall orientation, relying on “a flower, a lake, a ray of sunshine”, and cohesion to forge ring hanyuan lake flowers GuoXiang two billions sun kang industry area, strive to make a “sunshine” shui yun, kang to raise new “sunshine flowers, kang holy land” two card, sun kang for leading global tourism, rural tourism and the home stay facility industry,Radiate to drive more people to develop the home stay industry, form home stay industry clusters, and gradually form a new pattern of modern home stay economy with reasonable layout, optimized structure, complete system, obvious features, perfect functions, green and efficient.We hope to take this visit as an opportunity to further strengthen communication and contact, clarify the direction and ways of cooperation, and strive to push bilateral exchanges and cooperation to a wider, deeper and higher level, so as to jointly explore the future and write a new chapter for mutual benefit and win-win results.Sichuan provincial Taiwan affairs commissioner of economic robyn, said han source of modern agriculture, home stay facility alliance, kang industry development potential is impressive, full of hope, hope delegation continuous attention and support location advantages, resources, advantageous hanyuan obviously, seize chengdu-chongqing region strategic opportunities such as construction of shuangcheng economic circle, firm the confidence in the development of sichuan, to further expand cooperation space, sichuanWe should work together to upgrade industrial cooperation and achieve win-win results through common development.Taiwanese entrepreneurs delegation said, hanyuan products well-developed, ecological fruit perennial, organic vegetables and Chinese prickly ash, walnut and other dried fruit sold well all over the country, sunny, known as the panxi city of the sun, winter without cold, summer without heat, is the ideal health resort, combined with the superposition of multiple strategic opportunities, development potential is huge, is a fertile ground for investment.We hope to take this exchange as an opportunity to launch practical cooperation and achieve the goal of win-win cooperation.Gao Chongjun, vice minister of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee and director of the Taiwan Affairs Office, Zhou Yu, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and director of the United Front Work Department, Li Shumin, member of the Leading Party group of the county government and director of yongdingqiao Reservoir Management Center, and Yang Song Duoji, deputy head of the county attended the activity.