Why multiple rounds of nucleic acid tests?

2022-06-14 0 By

Why multiple rounds of nucleic acid tests for Omicron?The emergence of omicron variant strains has increased the difficulty of epidemic prevention and control.Its infectivity is strong, the transmission is occult, the symptoms are not obvious, and the intergenerational days of transmission are 2-3 days, which is easy to cause a wide spread of transmission.1. Studies have shown that omicron can become infected and multiply in bronchus 70 times faster than the Delta variant and the original COVID-19 strain, and is highly stealth.2. Omicron can spread quickly in a short period of time, and screening as early as possible can stop the virus transmission chain and avoid infection.3. For some infected people, multiple nucleic acid tests are necessary before they can be tested positive.1. If the detection is carried out during the suppression period, the virus load is low and may not be detected.So for Omicron, one test is not enough.2. The transmission period of omicron is usually 1.5-5 days after infection, and the average interval between infected cases is 3 days. Dynamic and repeated detection within a short period can effectively detect omicron.3. After vaccination for a period of time, even if infected with the virus, the antibodies produced by the human body will neutralize and clear the virus, resulting in a lower detection rate of the virus, requiring multiple tests to be insured.4. Different samplers have different methods. False negative results are likely to occur when nucleic acid test is performed only once, so multiple samples should be taken to improve the accuracy of nucleic acid test.