Qiaokou Chengji | Look back on the past life of “Pacific Ocean”, wuhan’s first soap was born here

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The story of the qiaokou embodies the common historical memory, which is the pulse of Dahankou and the foundation of Wuhan.Qiaokou launched the “Qiaokou City Chronicles” program to review the qiaokou’s struggle and draw strong motivation for forging ahead in a new journey from historical stories.Why does this road even rely on the river have such a “fashionable” name?Many qiaokou qiaokou young qiaokou know that the name has something to do with wuhan’s first piece of soap, which was born here. In the time before soap, the folk used soda-soda and saponin for washing.In 1914, Wuxi businessman Xue Kunming and his brother Xue Dongbai opened a soap factory in Hankou. Minxin soap Factory became the first soap factory opened by Chinese people in Han.The soap produced by the factory was of good quality and low moisture content.In 1915, after the outbreak of World War I, daily newspapers carried news of the fighting in the Pacific.At that time, the Chinese characters “Pacific” were already well known to everyone. Xue Kunming resolutely adopted “Pacific” as the trademark and asked his employees to post an advertisement “Please use Pacific soap” on some telephone poles in Hankou. The result was an instant success.Pacific soap became popular in the city and orders poured in.In 1926, Xue Kunming moved the factory to the French realgar factory near zongguan Imperial Sutras and renamed it “Pacific Soap Factory”, with an annual output of 30,000 boxes of soap.Later, he invested in the construction of “Pacific Road” in front of the factory, the name has been used today.The soap produced by Pacific Soap Factory enjoys a good reputation in three towns of Wuhan for more than 20 years.Among them, the most famous “Qinglong” brand soap, many older generations still remember: “more than 20 cents a piece, usually not willing to use, generally only used to wash white clothes, a piece can be used for half a year.In 1954, the Pacific Soap Factory was renamed Wuhan Chemical Factory after the public-private joint venture, but the name of the soap still used qinglong brand.In 1958, qinglong soap began to be exported to Southeast Asia, and production was gradually discontinued in the 1980s.Now, the soap brand “Pacific Ocean” has become the memory of the old qiaokou, while the place name “Pacific Road” has witnessed the transformation and upgrading of the qiaokou district into a new journey of full rejuvenation.Qiaokou District Committee propaganda Department Qiaokou District Rong Media Center disseminates qiaokou Good voice tells qiaokou good story