How to protect skin in winter?Master these 5 skin care rules to keep your skin looking great

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When the cold winter comes, our skin changes.The skin goes from being oily and moist to being much drier, even a little drier.Some people protect skin means in autumn winter also can produce change, appear very easily two “extreme” : trival and simple.Multilayer superposition on the face protects skin to taste or it is to besmear a face cream to finish work only, these two kinds protect skin condition, to autumn winter skin character is deficient somewhat, we say today: how should winter protect skin?Master these 5 skin care rules and your skin will look great!Principle 1: Avoid washing your face with hot water In winter when the temperature is low, we in the cold weather environment, using hot water to shower, wash your face, brush your teeth is very comfortable.Nevertheless to facial ministry skin character, with too hot water blunt face, not good to the skin.Overheated water temperature, on the one hand, can accelerate facial capillary dilatation, after washing a face, red, red blood obvious symptoms.On the other hand, the overheated water temperature will lead to the face’s own sebum film is easier to be washed away by the cleanser, resulting in excessive facial oil dissolution.After we wash our face with hot water, the skin may feel comfortable during the washing process.But after washing, the skin will feel tight very quickly, dry wrinkles, the face is very likely to appear dry red symptoms.These are actually skin discomfort, sebum membrane damaged performance.So wash your face in winter, we can control the water temperature close to the human body temperature, or the body feels cooler, and the skin feels more mild after washing.Principle two: need to do sunscreen winter sun exposure weakened, intensity significantly reduced, we are easy to ignore sunscreen skin care.In fact, although visible light decreases in winter, UV light, which is not visible to the naked eye, is still present, causing skin darkening and aging.And some people, without sunscreen, are exposed to the sun.Especially in the afternoon, when the light is intense, bask in the body warm, the face also feels hot, there is likely to be a sense of burning.The body is protected by thick clothing and rarely shows signs of injury.But “naked face” exposed to strong light for 2-3 hours, the skin is very easy to tan.Do this for a long time, can discover facial color of skin is dim, bask in spot to show, fine line on the face also can increase apparently.So winter sun protection is equally important.If you want to go out for a long time, the protection of the face can not be ignored.Often be in indoor person, take the protective way that avoids can.Principle 3: oily skin needs to protect wet the season that oily skin likes most probably likewise winter, facial skin gives oil quantity to have drop substantially finally, the oily light problem on the face got obvious alleviate, oily skin of this stage is qualitative, got rid of the trouble of grease finally.And the likelihood aggravates skin surface oil feels protect wet protect skin to taste, nature is not taken seriously.But for our skin, winter is very easy to feel dry and tight, oil production is reduced, skin barrier structure is also affected, very prone to subtle skin damage.Add oily skin special cleaning habits, a lot of times will cause skin surface sebum film damage.Down for a long time, not only will lead to easy acne skin, but also may appear outside the poor performance of dry oil.So oily skin, in winter moisturizing care should also be done.Can choose relaxed degree a few higher latex, or the face cream that feels matte smooth after skin is used.Oily skin moderately moisturize, a lot of subtle oily sensitive problems, it will improve.The dry and tight skin in winter will lead many of us to use multiple skin care products in the process of skin care, so that the absorption efficiency of the skin is higher at this stage.In fact, winter skin metabolism will also be reduced, too much skin care products, but increase the burden of the skin, easy to rub mud, dark skin and other problems.Winter skin care, skin experience is the key.After applying skin care products, it will not feel stuffy, and the skin will not feel sticky and uncomfortable.After skin care is completed, the skin is soft and the epidermis is not dry and wrinkled, which is relatively appropriate for skin care.Rule five: Avoid frequent cleaning Cleaning skin care in winter, whether it is washing face, or deep cleaning, need to reduce frequency.Oily skin can use cleansing products every night, dry skin depends on the environment on the day, whether to make up and other factors, you can choose to use cleansing milk every 1-2 days.Like other cleansing skin care, once a week or twice a week is fine.At this stage, skin cuticle metabolism and sebaceous membrane generation are relatively slow. If intensive cleaning is still carried out, it is very easy to cause skin barrier damage.In fact, our faces are not that dirty, and the pursuit of too clean skin experience is still damaging to the skin.In fact, winter is the prime time for our skin to repair itself.What we need to do is to provide a safe repair environment for the skin, protect it from damage and stimulation, and slowly maintain the good skin condition.Pay attention to koalas and help you plant grass/clear mines/look at ingredients/evaluate on your way to beauty.Statement: original text, some pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete.