Fried crisp meat during the Spring Festival is different from that in the south. This kind of fried dish recipe is especially popular in the north

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Today is the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, the start of spring, but also the coldest day of the holiday.It was the first three days of the holiday, and the flowers found it acceptable to go out for running more than six o ‘clock in the morning. After jogging to the rhythm for an hour, they got used to running, though it was a little cold.But I went out this morning and came back after running for five minutes. It was so cold that I thought of looking at my phone at this time. The weather forecast showed that the body felt the temperature was minus 16 degrees.In such a weather, I didn’t want to eat spring pancakes with my family. My husband also wanted to eat the crispy meat fried by me before New Year’s Eve. So we continued the usual pattern of home cooking and rice for lunch.Xiao Su rou is very southern. At least when I was growing up, people in Beijing might fry lotus root, fried balls, but barely fried su rou.Now in terms of food, I have long been divided between the north and the south. It is precisely because I could not eat crisp meat and preserved meat when I was young that I like to eat them now.The fried pork slices with lean tenderloin are crisp and fragrant, and can be frozen and preserved after being fried thoroughly. Therefore, most of the lean pork stored at home before the Spring Festival is fried into crisp meat, and some streaky pork is boiled after being washed, so it is particularly easy to steam crisp meat and twice-cooked pork.After eating more crisp meat, I found that in addition to the steamed food and soup in the south, I could also make the soup for daily cooking and hot pot.Compared with ordinary pork, fried crisp meat does not need to defreeze, so stir-fry can absorb the broth more easily and taste more mellow.And crisp meat is lean fried, delicious but not greasy, the elderly also like to eat.Today’s dish of fried oyster mushrooms with crisp meat is one that my family and I like very much.Oyster mushrooms are rich in moisture, aroma and nutrition. When fried with crisp meat, the crisp meat is infused with the umami flavor of mushrooms and eaten more refreshing.Garnishes can be cucumber, celery, rape, and some dried chillies for a slightly spicy taste.Ingredients: oyster mushrooms 500g crisp meat 200g cucumber a dry pepper 4-5 cooking oil, cooking wine, light soy sauce, salt How to make: 1. Tear oyster mushrooms into small pieces, wash them and put them into a water filter basket.2. After taking out the crisp meat, you can fry it directly without defreezing.3. Slice a cucumber and set aside.200 grams of crisp meat doesn’t feel like a lot, but in fact the pork is fried to remove the moisture, the amount of crisp meat is enough for 2-3 people.4. Put a little cooking oil on the bottom of the pot, heat up the crispy meat, stir fry for half a minute or so, add the chili section, and add a tablespoon of cooking wine until fragrant.5. Then pour in oyster mushrooms, add light soy sauce and salt, stir fry them evenly, then cover the pot and stew for about 3 minutes. During this process, a large amount of water in oyster mushrooms is constantly released, and the crisp meat fully absorbs the soup, making it more fragrant and smooth.6, the time is up, add cucumber slices, stir fry evenly after a minute can turn off the heat out of the pot.This dish tastes delicious and smooth, especially for meals, you can try it.Senior original food writer, national first-class public nutritionist, multimedia platform signed author, global we-media authority management agency, Crowley signed a contract with media people and invited guests of many food programs