An integrated platform of community correction and procuratorial supervision has been launched in the three regions of the Yangtze River Delta

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An integrated platform for community correction and procuratorial supervision launched by procuratorial organs in the Three regions of the Yangtze River Delta “With an integrated platform, we can not only synchronously supervise the objects of community correction online, but also monitor their activities in different places.”Recently, Zhu Chuanfengzheng, a prosecutor of Kunshan Procuratorate in Jiangsu Province, checked the cross-regional activity status of correctional objects through the integrated platform of Jiakuntai Community correction and procuratorial supervision, which was just launched.Chen, the target of community correction in Kunshan city, was the first person to input information on the platform. He was sentenced to three years in prison with a four-year reprieve for covering up and concealing his crime.Because he works in Jiading, Shanghai, he applied to the Kunshan Justice Bureau to expand his activity area and got the permission.Accordingly, Chen mou activity area expands to Shanghai jiading.Zhu Chuanfeng also received Chen’s application information on the platform for the first time and carefully checked his basic information and documents he submitted. Meanwhile, Chen’s activity track in Jiading can also be queried on the platform through the supporting mobile App. Once Chen’s activities go beyond the electronic fence,The integrated platform of jiakuntai community correction and procuratorial supervision will automatically issue a red alert to the staff.Cross-region, online management and synchronous supervision are the biggest advantages of this platform.Located in Jiading District of Shanghai in the Yangtze River Delta, Kunshan city and Taicang City of Jiangsu Province border each other with frequent personnel exchanges. As early as August 2020, the procuratorates of the three places jointly issued the Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Integrated Procuratorial Supervision Mode of Jiao-Kun-Tai Community Correction.In practice, community correction objects in the three places often ask for leave, expand the scope of activities to the other area, change the place of execution, assist in investigation, assist in supervision and other practical needs.However, due to the unobstructed acquisition of supervision information, passive review affects the supervision effect.In order to solve this problem, the integration platform of Jiakuntai Community correction and procuratorial supervision was established and officially put into operation in March this year on the basis of careful investigation, elaborate design and full demonstration in the early stage and relying on the data sharing network of community correction in the three places.On the day of the launch, Kunshan Procuratorate, together with the city’s justice Bureau, completed the online information import and simultaneous inspection and supervision of three community correction subjects who frequently went to Jiading, Shanghai and Taicang, Jiangsu due to business needs.”The integrated platform is an exploration of intelligent supervision. The procuratorate can grasp the supervision situation of the objects involved in community correction in real time and conveniently, and timely supervise the problems of the judicial administrative organs in law enforcement norms and procedures, so as to promote the social correction work to be more efficient and standardized.”Kunshan city procuratorate third procuratorial department director CAI Tao said.(Lu Zhijian, Shen Shiyi, Tang Huiling, Procuratorial Daily)