What is the difference between mercedes-benz GLC and SP oil?Shell Penchi Max 10 review

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Phase at the beginning of this year we have done a shell peng to oil metering, also the oil of the 502 and 508 standard has made the detailed comparison and the specialized agency inspection, recently we have got the shell peng to a new product — Max 10 speed super total synthesis, this is a preference for turbine models, the flagship product, we take a look.In May 2020, API issued the API SP/GF-6 gasoline Engine oil specification Certification license to replace the previous API SN/GF-5 Plus specification.An important function of the new SP engine oil is to alleviate the problem of low speed and early combustion, which is more friendly to turbine cars.So what is low speed premature combustion?Low-speed premature combustion is common in direct injection turbo models. It is an uncontrolled combustion between fuel spray and oil before spark plug ignition, which can lead to piston damage and engine failure.If the use of new SP specification of oil can effectively improve the problem of low speed early combustion.That friends may say, since the SP oil is good, that is not finished with SP?That’s not true. You may not have it if you want.Because of the tightening of emission policy, in order to ensure fuel economy, the viscosity of oil is getting smaller and smaller, and 0W-20 is the mainstream oil.So a lot of oil manufacturers for 0W-30, 0W-40 this kind of bleak oil has no large-scale investment in research and development, which also leads to the current market SP standard 0W-30, 0W-40 oil is not a lot, if the requirements to meet the OEM certification then it is even more rare.For older turbo cars, there are really few options for using SP standard oil to solve the problem of low speed premature combustion.The shell Penchi Max 100 W-40 we evaluated meets the SP standard and has passed the OEM certification, meeting the requirements of Mercedes-benz MB 229.5/226.5 and VW 502.00/505.00.For this type of oil, Shell Pentos official main product highlights have 6, you can refer to: as for the use of this type of Pentos Max 10 experience, or to see the field test.The vehicle we tested is 2018 Mercedes-benz GLC with M274 engine and National 5 emission. The oil we replaced this time is 0W-40 Penchi Max 10 Super Speed Super Total Synthesis.By the way, take a look at Max 10 oil products. There are no extra impurities in the oil. The quality of products from such large factories is relatively guaranteed.Before the oil change, we have tested various data of this GLC, including urban commuting fuel consumption, fuel consumption on highway unobserved sections, cold start noise value and change of cold start engine speed.After the oil was changed, we conducted another round of test according to the original standard to see the comparison of the final results.In the comparative test of fuel consumption, it is divided into urban commuting section and high-speed unobstructed section.The test time in the urban commuting section is from 7:30 to 9:30 in the morning, and the test distance is 50km at the most congested time point. The final fuel consumption is 9.7L/km with the air conditioner turned off and the automatic start and stop, which is still very good.The fuel consumption we tested before was 10.1L/km, which decreased by 4% after the oil was changed.The test distance is also 50km. With the air conditioner turned off, the final fuel consumption is 8.9L/km.Before the replacement, it was 9.3L/km, which also decreased by 4%, and the performance was also ok.In the other three tests, the test site is in the underground garage, the ambient noise is about 30dB, the temperature is about 10℃.The first was the cold start noise test. We opened the front cover and tested the cold start noise value at a distance of about 1m from the engine.It can be clearly seen that the curve trend after the oil replacement is significantly lower than the curve before the replacement, which means that the noise value after the replacement is lower.In terms of engine speed comparison for cold start, we tested the time from the start of the vehicle until the engine speed fell below 800r/min.The data after the oil change also decreased faster, which was basically consistent with the cold start noise data just tested.In terms of the power of the vehicle, my colleague (the owner) and I have driven this car for a long time. We have basically the same driving feelings before and after the oil change, and there is no big difference in our subjective feelings in terms of power.But the driving process of power output smoothness and frustration is indeed a little improved, the vehicle’s driving texture is better.Above is the use experience of Shell Penchi Max 10 Super speed Super synthetic oil.For a car approaching 5 years of age (especially in winter car), fuel consumption, noise, jitter increase these are inevitable.Therefore, it is necessary to change the oil in a targeted way, which can improve some of the above problems and improve the car experience.The new SP standard meets the certification of the main engine factory. If you have this demand, you may wish to know more about this Shell Penchi Max 10 oil.