Lakers still won’t make big trade next season!James is not leaving the Lakers for Cleveland

2022-06-12 0 By

The lakers have received a lot of criticism for their lack of action in the trade market, but the lakers’ front office doesn’t believe it’s their fault. They feel that James and Davis are the ones responsible for the situation.We have to support the lakers management, because the last two years of the lakers trade was for James and Brow, and all the trades were approved by him and the lakers management did nothing wrong.The lakers have made deals for James and Brow in the past two years, including the breakup of the championship team, to keep James and Brow healthy, so that the lakers management traded a bunch of offensive players to share the burden of James and Brow playing healthy basketball during the regular season and not burn them out.Then there’s the fact that the lakers traded almost every young player and draft pick in order to get Brow, which the lakers front office has done well enough to have no black spots.So, stop blackening the lakers’ front office. They’ve tried hard enough.The lakers’ front office has given James and Timberlake everything they wanted, including westbrook this season, in a trade that James and Timberlake agreed to.People say: Who is to blame for the lakers’ current situation?I think the answer is obvious.The lakers’ front office has done everything it can, and it’s going too far to be criticized for that.The lakers did not trade this time, not because the lakers management did not work hard, mainly or no chips!The Lakers’ big three had already gambled away cap space and couldn’t trade again.Westbrook’s move to the Lakers was agreed upon by Lebron James and Timberlake. Not only that, the lakers will have a hard time making a trade next season.There will be no major trade for the Los Angeles lakers next season, according to a report in the US media.And the lakers aren’t afraid James will leave, because James can’t leave the Lakers to return to Cleveland.Lebron James has been rumored to return to the Cavs this season, but it’s not going to happen.The reason is simple: James came back to the Cavs to win a championship, but his big contract meant the Cavs would break up their existing roster, and the Cavs wouldn’t be safe.Lebron’s team wouldn’t agree to a minimum salary either!So James couldn’t go back to Cleveland.What do you think about that?Comments are welcome.#NBA#