Fu Kunpan as traders provoke discussion?Facing an election at the end of the year, Chu is in a “no card to play” dilemma

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Eric Chu, chairman of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT), faltered at the first step in his campaign for the nine-in-one elections at the end of the year.The “Central Election nomination Committee” convened by him announced the inclusion of New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi, Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan, and The party’s vice chairman Huang Minhui, mayor of Chiayi city, but the three declined, citing “to avoid the role of players and referees.”Another “Central Election Strategy Report”, headed by fu Kun-pan, a controversial “legislator”, was set up to manage the year-end election, which also aroused suspicion within the party.According to the front desk media reported, the KMT central committee “will be finally approved the nomination campaign at the end of the unit, members except the party chairman Eric chu and he himself, is also a net former kaohsiung mayor mayor Han Guoyu, new north Hou Youyi mayor Lu Xiuyan, chiayi and taichung mayor huang ming-hui, vice chairman of the kuomintang summer sets and lien and other members.However, Hou, Lu and Huang have declined to take up the post.As to “central campaign strategy”, proceedings of the Justin huang to call by the parties, members by blue camp had ren county mayor, served as speaker of the house, including the “blue committee”, fu 崐 broom, former Taipei county magistrate Chou hsi-wei, hsinchu county magistrate chiu ching-chun, before the miaoli county magistrate liu cheng-hung, former speaker speaker pi-chu wu, the former kaohsiung ZhuangQiWang, Taipei taoyuan county magistrate Huang Mingong and former agent etc.Guo Yunhui, honorary president of the Village leaders Association of Taiwan and deputy chairman of the new KMT Huang Guoyuan Party Headquarters, pointed out in an interview with China Review News that several characteristics can be seen from the two units set up by the KMT for the 2022 election.First of all, more in line with the spirit of “localization”, Zhao Shaokang, Zhang Yazhong, Hao Longbin did not enter, only Han Yu entered, with “battle blue” is separated;Second, unlike wu Dunyi’s nomination process as party chairman, Chu made the list of decision-makers involved public, indicating that Zhu was forced to give up power.Third, election nominations will first be disconnected from the central Committee of the CPC. Therefore, the 2022 nomination of county mayors will be held responsible together with Zhu regardless of their performance, rather than a “one-man decision”.As for Han Yu’s inclusion in the election nomination committee, Wang Wanbang, director of the office of the new Party chairman, said that han Yu’s book signing meeting in Taipei in January was over 10,000 people, and that Han’s voice in the blue Camp was a lone star.If Chu fails to win over the KMT, it will at least make the KMT fans willing to reconsider how they support the KMT in the 2022 elections.However, Taiwan senior media huang Weihan 17 in the program questioned, since Eric Chu asked Han Yu, Zhao Shaokang, why no Jiang Qichen?And since asked Zhao Shaokang, but Zhao Shaokang self-recognition is not suitable, so not included in the list.So hou Youyi and Lu Xiuyan in the list announced after the decline is how to return a responsibility?Besides the nominating committee, the KMT also set up a campaign strategy committee. Which unit did it actually nominate?If Tainan fails to nominate Hsieh, who is to blame?Which unit makes the choice?When Guo Yunhui interviewed, chu’s mood at the moment, can know that “forced to do so”, because the four “referendum”, taichung city second constituency “legislative” by-election and three consecutive defeat, is bound to release the power, of course with praise or criticism.Like the outside world for Fu 崐 dicranopteris served as “campaign strategy will report” executive controversy, Guo Yunhui thinks there is no need, because these lists are actual combat experience.Hong Kong “China Review News agency” pointed out that Fu Quan peopan in last year Eric Chu ran for the KMT chairman on all the way together, Zhu returned to the chairman, so that Fu smoothly restore KMT membership.At that time because of the “same boat plan” controversy, provoked a backlash within the party, but Zhu still insisted on fu Back to the KMT, the outside world once speculated Fu Quan peopan back to the party, may want to run for mayor of Taoyuan, but now looking back, Eric Chu seems to be for the end of this year’s “nine in one” election preparation.In terms of election experience, whether it is county mayor or “legislators”, Fu 崐 peopan in Hualien defeated DPP many times, plus he and all factions around Taiwan, especially Taoyuan, Kaohsiung, are also very deep, of course, enough qualifications to conduct the election.But fu has only been back in the KMT for three months, and chu has entrusted him with the task. Whether he can win the party’s approval, and whether he can exert his coordination ability after coming to the forefront, is a big question.It is understood that Chu’s former comrade in arms, li Chuan, former party secretary general and former deputy mayor of New Taipei city and Kaohsiung City, had no intention of returning to his old job as campaign manager.Zhu hand no cards to play, can only turn all bet on Fu 崐 pedata body.China Review News pointed out that, looking at the current situation, Chu, who has little political energy left, seems to be short of energy in the face of the “nine-in-one” election, which could turn the whole party around.(Lin Jingxian/Editor) # Taiwan # If you want to know more about Taiwan, follow the Strait Herald