The Yima Maternal and Child Health Hospital held the 15th “World Autism Day” campaign to promote free diagnosis

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Henan Economic Daily Reporter Ding Guangzhan Trainee reporter Wang Dun Correspondent Li Yao April 2nd 2022 is the 15th World Autism Day.On the morning of April 1, the Yima Maternal and Child Health Hospital held the 15th “World Autism Day” free clinic activity in order to let the public better understand children with autism, care for autistic patients and popularize the health knowledge of children with autism.Righteousness, maternal and child health care children rehabilitation section for possible or has appeared movement, speech and cognitive, communication, social dysfunction children with a series of system evaluation and comprehensive rehabilitation treatment according to the statistics, to develop children’s rehabilitation, can to early intervention and follow-up of children with high-risk, minimize risk will be disabled,At the same time, targeted rehabilitation treatment is provided for suspected or disabled children, so that they can improve their functions and return to family society as soon as possible.At the scene of the activity, the medical staff for the performance of autistic children, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation training, abnormal behavior intervention and other aspects of the carefully, patiently answered, and for the masses and parents to come to the masses issued “children autism health education guidance” publicity materials.Through display boards, banners, publicity materials, knowledge popularization and other forms, the activities let more people know about autism, and understand the importance of early screening, early detection, early treatment of autism.This free diagnosis activity enables the public to have a deeper and comprehensive understanding of the early symptoms of autism, improve the awareness and attention of families and society to autistic children, and enable them to be more tolerant and receptive to the autistic children around.Let us work together to help autistic children recover, have access to education, employment, respect and care.