Ten famous giant statues in China, each one is super shocking, which ones have you seen?

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Statues sculpture is an art of exquisite beauty, make not speak material rich in the spiritual, integrating characteristic aesthetic landscape, today I just to take stock of domestic famous top ten characters statue, together and see it 1, sichuan leshan giant Buddha leshan giant Buddha aka lingyun Buddha, buddhist classic buildings, is located in leshan, sichuan province south lingyun temple, the east side of minjiang river,Is China’s largest a statue of cliff carved stone statues, was built in the tang dynasty, took 90 years to complete, leshan big beadle and mountain qi, foot great river, hands on knees, Buddha, physically fit, dignity, compassion, connects tall 71 meters, 14.7 meters high, instep 8.5 meters wide, feet can sit more than one hundred people, the Buddha head there are altogether 1051 spiral coil, far see bun and head one integrated mass,The Buddha is a statue of Maitreya, graceful and magnanimous. It is the largest cliff stone statue in China. It is known as a mountain is a Buddha, and Buddha is a mountain.On the left and right sides of the giant Buddha, there are two 16-meter-high stone carvings of Protecting the King of Heaven, which form a pattern of one Buddha and two Kings together with the giant Buddha. There are also hundreds of stone carvings, which are like a huge group of Buddhist stone carvings.The statue of Confucius in Mount Ni, Shandong is 25 kilometers southeast from Fushi District, Shandong Province. Mount Ni is the birthplace of Confucius, and Confucian culture originated from there.Qufu Confucius as the sacred land, mountain, Confucianism palace on the hill, mountain surface of the lake to the south, and the statue is 72 meters high, base height of 18 meters, height of 273.8 meters above sea level, is the world’s biggest highest statue of Confucius, to become the world’s pilgrimage of Confucianism, the main core of Confucius like QuFuNi mountains have a project,Is also the birthplace of Confucius nishan holy land symbol scenic spots, the image of Confucius in accordance with the Tang Dynasty painter Wu Daozi’s “Confucius Travel to teach map” and production, showing Confucius amiable, respectable, teacher, elder, wise image, people from the Jinshengyuzhen square ten levels up, in the face of the holy statue of the teacher, the heart of worship and reverence.The holy land of Nishan in harmony with nature and humanity, five rivers confluence with haohao Soup, five peaks and Zhi Kai tree chengyin, Zou Lu and Bang Yu Xiu zhong Ling.3, Hunan Chairman MAO statue Of Hunan Changsha Orange Zhoutou great man statue, is today’s China’s largest memorial statue of a great man, to commemorate the leader of Chairman MAO and made.Orange Island, where the statue is located, is a green pearl inlaid in the middle of the Xiangjiang River, which is the pride of changsha people.The statue is 32 meters high, 83 meters long, 41 meters wide and 3,500 square meters wide. It is made of more than 8,000 pieces of Yongding red granite rocks collected from the high mountains of Fujian province, which symbolizes the eternal state of the country.The sculpture is based on the 1925 figure of the great man in his youth.The pedestal of the statue is designed as the shoulders of the great young man, which means standing on the shoulders of the giant to remember the history and look to the future.The whole shoulder is a huge mountain covering an area of more than 1000 square meters, outstanding performance of the great youth ambition, prime of life, guiding the spirit of the country.The sculpture stands alone on Orange Island, witnessing the vicissitudes of changsha, a famous historical and cultural city, and feeling the vitality of the ancient city of thousands of years.4, sanya, south China sea guanyin famous hainan sanya, south China sea view video is as high as 108 meters, he took six years, is the highest in the world of kannon, ikon towering spectacular, majestic mercy, as the body of the integrated three modelling of guanyin, Po phase solemn, feet on the 108 petal lotus throne, lotus Jin Gangtai is below, Taiwan is an area of 15000 square meters of yuantong treasure house,Geumgang Island is connected to the land by the 280-meter-long Puje Bridge.The front of the guanyin statue manifests the prajna virtue of Guanyin in a suitcase, viewing the opportunities of all living beings to transform themselves and enlighten them with prajna wisdom.On the right is guanyin holding rosary beads, reflecting the liberation of Guanyin, getting rid of ignorance and troubles and all kinds of bondage, to achieve the realm of great freedom.The lotus guanyin in the left hand is a symbol of guanyin’s dharma body and virtue, symbolizing the heart of Buddha and all sentient beings.Jingzhu Project is known as a world-class, century-level Buddhist project because of its grand scale and extraordinary significance.The giant statues of the two Yan and Huang Emperors are located at Xiangyang Mountain, thirty kilometers northwest of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. The giant statues of the two Yan and Huang Emperors rely on the mangshan Mountain and face the Yellow River.The statue covers an area of 2816 square meters, as a whole 106 meters high, including 55 meters high mountain, 51 meters high sculpture for yan Emperor, low for the Yellow Emperor.A mighty and strong, phoenix eyes dragon falcon, bearing xuangang, a wide forehead simple, wisdom and love, inclusive of the noble quality of the Chinese nation.The statue is made of taihang Mountain stone and took 20 years to complete in 2007.Giant plastic with mountains as the body, the integration of mountains and people, natural integration, integration of Yellow River, loess, two emperors in one, to reflect the symbiosis with the earth, with mountains and rivers, with the sun and the moon, majestic, powerful and broad artistic effect, representing the founding, harmony and unity of the Chinese nation.The Central Plains Giant Buddha is located in Foquan Temple of Yaoshan Mountain, Lushan County, Pingdingshan City, Henan Province, surrounded by Yuzhen Mountain. It is the highest Buddhist statue in the world, 208 meters high, equivalent to a 50-story building, weighing 6,400 tons.The Buddha is 108 meters high, the lotus throne is 20 meters high, the King Kong throne is 25 meters high, and the Sumitomo throne is 55 meters high.It took 12 years to build and is made entirely of bronze.The Buddha also added 108 kilograms of gold in the manufacturing process, and its exterior area is 11,300 square meters, made of 13,300 copper block welders.Foquan Temple, where the giant Buddha is located, was built during the Reign of Zhenguan in the Tang Dynasty with a history of more than 1,300 years.Buddha solemn and peaceful, imposing momentum, standing in zhongzhou.Believers from home and abroad travel thousands of miles to worship the Buddha here.The attention of the Buddha, and people’s infinite wisdom and spiritual comfort, to the worshippers to increase confidence and blessings, is the ideal place for praying self-cultivation.The Hero Wind statue of the Great Han Dynasty is located on Mount Mangdang, Yongcheng City, Henan Province. It was the place where Liu Bang gathered troops to gather righteousness when he hid Mount Mangdang.The statue was built to commemorate the founding of the 400-year-old Han Dynasty by Liu Bang, who killed a snake on Mount Mangdang.The main peak of Mount Mangdang is 156.8 meters above sea level. The statue of Liu Bang, emperor Gaozu of Han dynasty, as a landmark of the scenic spot, is located on the main peak, Chidi Peak.The statue is 39.9 meters high, 12.6 meters base, is a steel frame structure, is China’s highest historical emperor statue.There are four revolving stairs and two sightseeing platforms. Visitors can take an elevator to the sightseeing platform on the shoulder of the statue. Standing on the sightseeing platform, you can have a panoramic view of mount Mangdang around 80 li.There are also liubang Cultural Memorial Park, Zhangfeizhai, Gaozu Temple, han Dynasty ceremonial building site and other scenic spots.The bronze statue of Mount Jiuhua is located in the Great Wish Cultural Park at the foot of Mount Jiuhua, one of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China. It is the highest open-air bronze statue of Mount Jiuhua bodhisattva in the world and the landmark landscape of Mount Jiuhua Buddhist Monastery.The statue is 84 meters high, 99 meters high, 109.9 meters high, and 155 meters high. The statue is made of 2,390 bronze castings welded together and weighs about 1,000 tons.Bodhisattva is a bhikkhu, holding a tin stick in her right hand and a Mani pearl in her left hand. She is dignified and kind to show that all living beings are in peace and prosperity.Buddha statue with Lion Peak as the background, every time the sun rises, from the front view of the glow, the spring and autumn equinox season will also form a unique Buddha light phenomenon.The casting of a large open-air bronze statue of The Bodhisattva in Mount Jiuhua is a major event in the history of Buddhism in mount Jiuhua, a great pioneering work of Chinese religious art, and a special blessing that enhances the splendor of the mountain and the solemn land.The bronze statue of Guan Gong is located in the south zhongtiao Mountain of Changping Village, 13 kilometers southwest of Yuncheng city, Shanxi Province. It is the largest statue of Guan Gong in the world.The bronze statue of Guan Gong shares more than 500 tons of copper material, 2,000 tons of steel and 18,000 tons of concrete. The total height of the bronze statue is 61 meters, and the base is 19 meters high.Guan Gong was a famous general of The Three Kingdoms, ranking first among the five tigers of Shu Han. Due to his image of loyalty and valor, he was honored as Guan Gong by the public and became a highly influential symbol of traditional culture.Guan Gong’s status in people’s mind is very high, brave and righteous, has been deified by people.The bronze statue of Guan Gong looks dignified and has bright eyes.The facial features of red phoenix eye and sleeping silkworm eyebrow are as close to historical materials as possible.Under the chin a long beard stroked on the chest, the line is clear and smooth, with a knife, the beauty of the beard and natural show incisively and vividly.Guan Gong, holding a big knife, looked at his hometown salt Lake, which was very shocked from a distance and became a cultural name card of promoting Guan Gong culture and propagating Shanxi.The statue of Yang Asha, the Miao Beauty Goddess, is located on the bank of Yang Asha Lake in Jianhe County, Guizhou. Yang Asha statue is the highest miao beauty goddess statue in China.The statue is 88 meters high, with a base of 22 meters high and a height of 66 meters. It is taken from February 2 and June 6, the local Miao festival, and symbolizes miao traditional culture.Yang Asha is a touching legend on the banks of qingshui River. It originated from Jianhe River in Guizhou and is an epic sung by the Miao people for generations. It is the Guizhou version of Liu Sanjie and the Miao version of Ashima, and is regarded as the goddess of beauty by the Miao people.In 2008, Yang Asha was listed in the second batch of national Intangible Cultural Heritage list. In 2019, Jian He Yang Asha sculpture won the world record of being the largest Miao goddess.The above is today’s inventory of China’s top ten figures and statues, are not very shocking, you have seen which several?Do you know any other famous statues?Let us know in the comments section.