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To buy a house for a while, the property for residential property management in relation to households is one of the most concerned topics people linyi official look at your house property credit rating of linyi city housing and urban and rural construction bureau of linyi city 2021 annual publication of the realty service enterprise credit rating results to strengthen the credit construction of the zhuhai realty service industry, establish the honest code of honor the market environment,To promote the healthy and orderly development of the property service industry, the Municipal Housing And Urban-rural Development Bureau has carried out the annual credit rating assessment of the industry enterprises in shandong Province in accordance with the credit Information Management Measures of Property Service Enterprises in Shandong Province (Lu Jianwu Zi [2019] No. 4), and the assessment results are hereby publicized.According to the credit information scoring standard of property service enterprises in Shandong Province, credit score (full score 120) = basic credit information score (full score 80) + excellent credit information score (full score 40) – bad credit information score.As of December 31, 2021, the general situation of credit rating of property service enterprises in Zhuhai is as follows: 27 AAA grade enterprises with credit score of 85 points or above;10 AA enterprises with credit scores ranging from 80 to 85;38 a-grade enterprises with credit scores ranging from 70 to 80;There are 656 Grade B enterprises with credit scores ranging from 60 (inclusive) to 70, or below 60, and no bad credit information (including 158 enterprises without project information);There are 19 C-level enterprises with credit scores below 60 and bad credit information, and 1 C-level enterprise (serious trust-breaking).If there is any objection to the results of the publicity, please call and write to reflect in time during the publicity period.The publicity period ends on February 8, 2022.Contact person: Zhao Wei;Annex: Linyi 2021 annual property service enterprise credit rating evaluation results list Linyi Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau in January 26, 2022 Your residential property in which first grade?Spread!Well!!!!