Has Korean become an official language of the United Nations?Officials rushed to deny the rumor, giving South Korea no face at all

2022-06-11 0 By

According to South Korean media reports, recently a post news is very hot on the South Korean network.Citing “an inside source,” the post confirmed that the UN is on the verge of introducing a new official language in accordance with the rules. Previously, the list only included English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish.However, due to the huge influence of The Korean Wave and the fact that Korean is more spoken than French, the United Nations has voted unanimously to adopt Korean as an official language, which will be announced soon.Many South Korean forums and media have picked up the “three Noes” post and started discussing the advantages of making Korean an official language of the United Nations.”The Korean language officially entered the United Nations” even became a hot topic, with more than hundreds of thousands of people sharing discussions, the source said.Most South Koreans commented excitedly on the post, saying it was an inevitable result of South Korea’s cultural development and that the country had since entered a new stage of development.Some say that the fact that The Korean language was admitted to the UN before the Japanese language shows the strength of Korean culture and the great achievements in cultural export in recent years.It was not until the news was “out of the loop” that AFP and other media began to ask: when on earth did the UN make this decision?Therefore, AFP through relationship found even in the United Nations in east Asia and northeast Asia sub-region, a spokesman for the agency, the person to urgent rumours say: Korean is not in the six official languages of the UN, the United Nations website or Korean as the official language of any discussion, she doesn’t know this news to come from.She further explained that the official languages of the UN are mainly determined by the number of speakers, and have little to do with other “cultural exports” and so on.So how did this rumor get out?AFP dug deeper and found that a south Korean group called cyber Diplomatic Missions has launched several online campaigns urging other countries to “respect Korean culture” by making Korean the official language of the United Nations and other international organizations.They have recently been pressuring the government to raise the issue internationally, speculating that the group may be behind the sudden emergence and popularity of the posts.So their strategy may be to first amplify the issue among the people, then force the government to respond, and then push for the Korean language to be included in the United Nations because of public support.However, foreign media took notice of the situation as soon as it became more serious, and UN officials immediately refuted the rumor, which did not give Korea any face.It is worth mentioning that even though the UN has poured cold water on the issue, the Korean people are still enthusiastic about the issue, instead asking whether the UN has been controlled by big powers and is becoming less and less inclusive.A foreign netizen commented, Apart from the fact that Korea is obsessed with pursuing culture, why do Koreans not realize that it is a bad thing to bring the Korean language to the UN because of its shortcomings and its backwardness that can only express sound but not meaning?