Xiangyang community veterans “new Long March” volunteer service team: masks sent home warm ex-soldiers

2022-06-10 0 By

Jiujiang News network (Luo Xi) recently, xiangyang community veterans service station staff visited the community veterans, for them to send masks, disinfectant and other epidemic prevention supplies, during the epidemic prevention to the Party and the government’s care.The staff of the veterans service station in Xiangyang Community also talked with the veterans, asking them about their current situation and difficulties, and told them not to go out during the epidemic, to wear masks and do necessary protection.The ex-servicemen expressed their gratitude to the community for their sympathy, and thanked the Party and the state for their care. They are doing well recently. During the prevention and control period, they must go out less and wear masks.In the following epidemic prevention work, Xiangyang community, while guarding the prevention and control point, will also do a good job in the residents’ thoughts and warm sympathy, to the retired soldiers and the masses a shot in the heart to defeat the epidemic.