“This if my mother-in-law, I let her sleep on the street” sister-in-law to sister-in-law, mother-in-law panic

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All say that parents are not straight, children will also be affected by their parents, become right and wrong, but some mother-in-law unreasonable, children is obedient sensible, and ten clear things.The girl for the first time to visit in-laws in-laws, mother-in-law to you is what attitude, you probably can know what kind of person she is, there are many girl, knowing that her mother-in-law is not a good guy, or married husband, in her view, the mother-in-law won’t cause too big effect to their marriage, as long as her husband don’t like her mother in law.Some mother-in-law will go on, don’t listen to my daughter-in-law is understandable, but the son, daughter and her words all don’t listen, believes himself to do what is right, the children don’t listen to what she said is unfilial, his wife didn’t listen to her, is a blame, bad that people are born with the temper, marry a daughter-in-law can get along well with her,In the end will fall a child unfilial, his wife ignored the end.01. Unreasonable mother-in-law has a pair of clever children volunteers bin and xiaoyan’s brother is university students, because he bin to xiaoyan play in the home, often so xiaoyan is like sunshine, cheerful volunteers bin, bin has a younger sister, age with xiaoyan, on one occasion, chi Lin with sister together xiaoyan’s house to play, xiaoyan and chi Lin sister became good friends.Xiaoyan often asks her brother if Zhibin has a girlfriend.At that time she was in high school, a high school student has a crush on a boy several years older than himself, xiaoyan fear was found, went to college, xiaoyan to tzu chi chong confessions, chi Lin think xiaoyan, let her think about it, two people sent nearly eight years old, can small YanMing white himself is really like chi chong, then with the help of the chi Lin sister,It took them two years to get together.Bin brother and sister are good people, xiaoyan think their parents should be very easy to get along with, also can go to chi Lin home for the first time, xiaoyan will understand, zhi bin brother and sister’s character like their father, he Lin’s mother is a unreasonable, xiaoyan that day to eat chi chong, chi Lin’s mother saying not only all the way, tzu chi Lin’s father, a person is busy in the kitchen,Xiao Yan felt embarrassed and went into the kitchen to help.After Xiaoyan helped Zhibin’s father prepare the meal, the family was about to have dinner. Zhibin’s mother began to ask Xiaoyan if she usually cooked at home.Xiao Yan says that her parents usually cook at home, and she has no chance to do it. Zhibin’s mother says that’s not ok. A woman who can’t cook is an unqualified woman.During the meal, Zhibin and his sister kept picking up food for Xiaoyan, but Zhibin’s mother didn’t bother Xiaoyan any more.Back at home, xiao Yan’s parents asked, “How are Zhi Bin’s parents?”Xiaoyan told her parents that Zhibin’s father was a good man, but his mother was a complete stranger. I really didn’t know how such a mother could have a pair of cute children.Zhibin and Xiaoyan live with her in-laws after their marriage. The apartment in her in-laws’ house is about 150 square meters, which is not crowded for a large family.Xiaoyan and Zhibin have to go to work every day, so they get up at seven o ‘clock. On weekends, both of them sleep late, but her mother-in-law asks Xiaoyan to get up at seven o ‘clock on weekends, saying that she is busy at work and doesn’t care about the home, but she has to help with cleaning and cooking on weekends. It’s not easy to be a daughter-in-law.Before xiaoyan spoke, her sister-in-law began to make up for her, “Mom, what is your logic?Elder brother and sister-in-law went to work for a week, finally have two days rest time, they sleep a little more what?You don’t usually go to work, and I never see you get up at seven o ‘clock. Isn’t it my father who cleans up the house?”After listening to the sister-in-law said, the mother-in-law stared at the sister-in-law, and pushed xiaoyan away, angrily back to the room.Her husband and sister-in-law always helped her, and her father-in-law often criticized her, so Xiaoyan’s life in her husband’s house was not so difficult.03. Her mother-in-law doesn’t listen to her own daughter, not long ago, xiaoyan’s parents to dinner, my father-in-law is very enthusiastically xiaoyan was hosted by the parents, but her mother-in-law didn’t say a few words, let xiaoyan feel a little embarrassed, a lot of snow that day, xiaoyan don’t rest assured parents drive home, let them stay for a night, back again the next day, but mother said no stranger in the home,He said he couldn’t stay.Her parents didn’t want to embarrass their daughter, so they assured Xiaoyan that nothing would happen if she drove slowly. Xiaoyan asked her parents to call her back as soon as they got home.That day xiaoyan was annoyed by her mother-in-law’s behavior. When her sister-in-law came back from school, xiaoyan told her about it in front of her mother-in-law. “You said your sister-in-law wanted to keep her parents at home for one night, but her mother-in-law said she wanted no outsiders.”Sister-in-law, what kind of mother-in-law is this?If it were my mother-in-law, I’d let her sleep on the street.”Hearing what her sister-in-law said to Xiaoyan, her mother-in-law panicked, “Have you found out the truth of the matter?Just give advice here, and since you’re so good, I’ll find you an evil mother-in-law, and you two can fight.””Mother, do we need to know the truth?The mother-in-law is not a person, and the daughter-in-law wants her parents to stay overnight. What’s the big deal? She thinks her parents are outsiders, right?””What are you talking about? Who’s not a man?”Hearing what her mother-in-law said, her sister-in-law suddenly realized that her mother-in-law was her own mother. “Mom, is it you who don’t let your sister-in-law’s parents stay at home?””Is there room in our house for all those people?”Why not? My room is empty. Two people can live there.””Let an outsider live in your room, kui you want to come out, you don’t feel diaphragm should, I still feel uncomfortable?””Mom, those are my sister-in-law’s parents, my brother’s in-laws. How can they be outsiders?””Why did I give birth to a pickpocket like you?Helping outsiders bully your mother all day?””Clearly you have done wrong, can’t you let others say?Ok, then I will not go back to this house, AND I do not recognize you as a mother.””Get out of here. I’ll be angry when I see you.”Sister-in-law mixed a few words with her mother-in-law, and then went back to school, xiaoyan’s heart some uncomfortable, she was trying to complain with her sister-in-law, by the way, let her mother-in-law realize their mistakes, but did not think of her mother-in-law even her daughter’s words do not listen to, but also so willful, it is stubborn and rigid.Seeing her mother-in-law, Xiaoyan became angry. She used to have her sister-in-law at home to help her, but now she doesn’t even want to come back. Xiaoyan feels depressed living in her husband’s house, so she discusses it with Zhibin and the couple move out.Girls if found her mother-in-law is bad to get along with people, so you need a door into the husband’s family to her mother-in-law know you are not a good humiliate person, stubborn old man is very common, most of the mother-in-law will be willing to get along well with her daughter-in-law, his son but some mother-in-law self-centered become habit, will spoil her with his wife and children, so also can let her daughter-in-law to do this, how is that possible?¬†Xiaoyan’s mother-in-law is an unreasonable and stubborn person, when she and her mother-in-law conflict, her husband, father-in-law and sister-in-law are on her side, we can see the mother-in-law’s behavior is too much, even their own children and husband are not willing to help her, but that is the way, the mother-in-law did not find it is his fault.Whether the young or the old, can let yourself fall through land, it is not true, people can listen to, to learn from others’ advantage to make up for their own shortcomings, but do not listen to others’ advice, do everything according to his own idea, only the road more walk more narrow, at the end of the family will be away from you,Mothers-in-law should not feel that their children are their own and will never leave you. If you do something that even their children cannot accept, they will not be willing to stay with you.